March 14th & 19th, 2024 – Optimizing Hybrid Work: An Economist’s Data and Insights

Join us as renowned Stanford Business School professor and founder of WFHresearch Nick Bloom delves into his latest research on the impact of hybrid work. See how this data provides valuable insights into what strategies are making an impact on productivity and employee engagement.

Accompanying Nick, Gerard Bao, Neat’s Sr. Product Marketing Manager, will explore how Neat's cutting-edge video conferencing devices enhance the hybrid work experience, offering insights into creating a more connected and productive workplace.

March 14th, 2024 - 9:00 am PST

March 19th, 2024 - 11:30 am SGT |11:00 am CET
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Scheduling Display – Virtual Demo

Optimize your meeting room management by installing Neat Pad outside the room. Customize it as a scheduling display for Zoom Rooms or a control panel for Microsoft Teams rooms. Moreover, Neat Pad can transform non-video enabled meeting spaces into bookable rooms (platform license required). It simplifies the booking process, eliminating the need for other calendar systems, and offers integrated LED indicators for quick room availability checks, even from a distance down the corridor.
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Neat Pad Room Controller – Virtual Demo

Neat Pad serves as your all-in-one meeting controller, allowing you to initiate meetings and screen sharing effortlessly with a single tap. Whether configured as a controller for Zoom Rooms or a console for Teams rooms, it provides versatile options to invite participants, manage audio settings, and even record your meetings. When integrated with a third-party Zoom Rooms system, it not only replaces conventional tablet controllers but also delivers enhanced functionality and capabilities.
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Neat Board 50 – Virtual Demo

Neat Board 50 is a sleek yet powerful device designed for greater flexibility throughout your office spaces, adapting to how you need to meet or express your ideas. Its 50-inch touchscreen empowers you to move, interact, create and collaborate efficiently, all within easy reach. Paired with an adaptive stand or wall mount, Neat Board 50 allows anyone to adjust the screen up or down for optimal use and viewing.
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Neat Bar Pro – Virtual Demo

Elevate your video conferencing in medium to large meeting spaces with Neat Bar Pro, designed for Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms. Featuring two high-resolution cameras and an advanced image depth sensor, it offers 16x zoom for an immersive, close-up view of everyone. Easy to install and capable of powering three screens, it ensures a seamless experience for both people and content.
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Virtual Demo – Neat Devices and Experiences

Join the Neat Product Specialist team on a captivating journey as they showcase Neat devices in an array of modern work environments. Explore Neat's cutting-edge technology that powers engaging experiences, providing you the freedom to meet, create and collaborate whenever, wherever, and however you want.
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Neat Pad demo for Microsoft Teams

Neat Pad is an elegant touch device with two roles you can configure as a Microsoft Teams Room Console or Teams Panel across all types of meeting spaces. As a room console, Neat Pad enables you to quickly start your meetings and share your screen with just one tap. You can install Neat Pad outside your meeting room as a scheduling panel for optimal room management. Learn more:
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