US$ 2,500 From US$ 100.00/month US$ 2,500 From US$ 100.00/month

Modern learning the Neat way.

Bring teachers and students closer together.

US$ 2,500 From US$ 100.00/month US$ 2,500 From US$ 100.00/month

Teach everywhere. Learn anywhere.

Neat devices are specifically designed for Zoom, making them ideal for a range of Zoom for Education offerings. They enable natural engagement between teachers and students, whether lessons are being conducted remotely or right there in the same room.


Neat devices are easy to set-up. Just plug in the one or two cables to be visually guided through a quick install, then you’re good to go. Everything you need is in the box, including multiple mounting options to fit any monitor.

St. Isabella School.

Customer story

See how St. Isabella School leverages Neat and Zoom to enrich the remote and hybrid learning experience for their students and maintain strong community.

When it came time for teachers to return to school in the fall, St. Isabella chose to deploy Neat Bars and Zoom Rooms in its classrooms to help bring about greater interaction between teachers and students.


Customer story

Neat + Zoom = Exceptional Hybrid Learning for Kildeer Countryside School District 96. Like many school districts across the country, Kildeer Countryside School District 96 (KCSD 96) in Lake County, Illinois, found itself in unfamiliar territory as it faced the daunting prospect of continuing to teach the district’s 3,300 students during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Customer story

Burke’s School Uses Zoom Rooms + Neat to Design Classrooms For the Virtual Learning World. As an educational institution with over a century of experience educating girls, Katherine Delmar Burke School (Burke’s) recognizes the importance of a holistic approach to education that prepares its students to flourish in an ever-changing world.

Achievement First.

Customer story

Achievement First Deploys Zoom + Neat to Empower Teachers & Maintain School Communities. As restrictions on social distancing start to ease for educational organizations around the country, our schools and colleges are facing a number of unique challenges. Achievement First, a high-performance charter management organization, has already started thinking about how to address those challenges and provide a well-rounded…

Just works.

Neat devices self-activate the moment you walk in the classroom, so you can immediately tap a button and start teaching. They also auto release the room when you leave, conserving energy and cutting costs.

You can share any written, audio or visual content with just one tap, enjoy annotations and whiteboarding, and along with superior quality audio and video, present lessons clearly and precisely. What’s more, auto-framing keeps you center-stage at all times, ensuring complete focus on the task at hand without fussing over the technology.

Get personal.

Neat Bar is perfect for your personal workspace when teaching away from the classroom. It takes class interaction up a notch by enabling you to look and sound your best, keeping your students more active and engaged.
Both Neat Bar and Neat Pad can be connected either wired or wirelessly to your network, so there's no need to run any cables across the room. Better still, because of Neat Bar's compact design, it's easily portable. Meaning you can use it at home, then take it back to the classroom when you’re ready to return.

Snap it on.

Our new snap-on mount is custom made for Neat Bar to fit snugly on top of smaller screens or monitors. The mount attaches to the back of your screen or monitor with adhesive tape and is suitable for any display.

Single-purpose. Fully managed. Secure.

Manage all through Zoom.

Neat removes complexities and threats thanks to our secure, single-purpose hardware devices. Fully managed from the Zoom Portal means all updates and upgrades are securely applied through Zoom. Plus, Zoom is your single point of contact for support.

Buy direct.

Both small and large deployments are simple with Neat. You don't have to involve third parties. You can buy direct from us online. We ship globally to any location, offering a fast, secure service.

Pioneers of video.

Neat was created to give Zoom users the ultimate Zoom Rooms experience. Taking video communications to a whole new level is core to our DNA and the obsession that drives us.