• Eric Yuan

    Founder and CEO - Zoom

  • Simen Teigre

    CEO - Neat

  • OJ Winge

    Director - Neat

Packs a punch.


One touch. Two roles.

Inside every Zoom Room.
Outside any meeting room.

Modern learning the Neat way.

Bring teachers and students closer together.

the new normal.

See how Neat Bar perfectly complements
your new workspace reality.

Neat as a Service.

  • Neat Zoom Rooms at a low and predictable cost.
  • Neat Bar as a service from $100/month.
  • Get a device upgrade every two years.
  • Avoid downtime with advance replacements.

Manage all through Zoom.

Neat removes complexities and threats thanks to our secure, single-purpose hardware devices. Fully managed from the Zoom Portal means all updates and upgrades are securely applied through Zoom. Plus, Zoom is your single point of contact for support.

Single-purpose. Fully managed. Secure.

Buy direct.

Both small and large deployments are simple with Neat. You don't have to involve third parties. You can buy direct from us online. We ship globally to any location, offering a fast, secure service.

Global availability. Same day shipping.

Pioneers of video.

Neat was created to give Zoom users the ultimate Zoom Rooms experience. Taking video communications to a whole new level is core to our DNA and the obsession that drives us.