Neat’s Pioneering Video Devices Win Six Prestigious Red Dot Awards

Markus Høy-Petersen, May 23, 2024

Woohoo! Neat is thrilled to announce that we’ve won six Red Dot Awards 2024, bringing our total to 11 Red Dots.

Dubbed “The Oscars of Design,” the Red Dot Awards is an international competition that signifies excellence in product design, communication design, and design concepts. Red Dot stands for the best in design and business.

Neat Bar Generation 2, Neat Board 50, Neat Center, and Neat Active Marker received Red Dot Awards this year. Neat Board 50 and Neat Center also received Red Dot Smart Product awards. These latest additions to our growing list of honors reflect the care, time and effort we spend crafting our devices, services and experiences so you can enjoy outstanding Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Therefore, beyond our Red Dot Awards and other design accolades, the greatest achievement we could ever attain is making your video meetings and experiences truly exceptional. We are immensely grateful for your support on this journey.

Besides Neat Board 50, Neat Center was also a double Red Dot Award winner.

Good design creates genuine customer value

Rooted in simplicity, Neat has persistently applied good design to address the challenges people face in the meeting space since we established the company in Oslo in 2019. Our goal from the outset has always been to build beautifully simple video devices, features, accessories, and services that generate genuine customer value and solve real problems for people.

We don’t confine our belief or commitment to design to the design department. Design is the beating heart of everything Neat does. It’s a shared mindset that permeates every corner of our company throughout the entire customer journey. Everyone at Neat profoundly cares about creating top-quality, relevant products and services that simplify people’s working lives.

Neat Bar Generation 2 and Neat Active Marker won a Red Dot Award.

Good design encourages compelling communication

Compelling communication involves clear speech, gestures, movement, observation and timing. We constantly shift focus and filter out distractions through our senses, yet this is hard to replicate digitally through video.

Also, we all have hectic schedules with a lot on our minds. Most of us don’t have the time or inclination to figure out the nuances of new technology or fiddle with settings to start or join a video meeting. Everything needs to be super-intuitive, and that’s where design comes in. Simplicity may look easy to achieve, but typically, the more effortless something appears, the more effort it takes to make.

Neat’s dynamic design team is the powerhouse behind our design-driven culture.

Good design inspires beautifully simple solutions

The conception of a new Neat device, experience, feature, function, update or anything else begins as an open cross-disciplinary discussion between our specialized teams to make your video meetings feel as natural, flexible and straightforward as possible. From ideation to creation and beyond, we tweak, test and reiterate to deliver ever-better results.

Viewing all forms, functions, and customer needs holistically, Neat’s mission is to continue to design and implement beautifully simple, accessible, user-friendly video solutions that render any technology almost invisible. It involves making your Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings a rich and rewarding experience by developing devices, services and accessories that empower you to stay more engaged, alert and productive to maximize what tomorrow’s best communication tools can give you today.

As we love to say, “Design is a persistent process. Innovation is an endless quest!”

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