Pioneers of video

Neat is a Norwegian video technology company providing a complete portfolio of pioneering devices that address any space in today's modern workplace.

Designing engaging experiences that allow you to meet, create and collaborate whenever, wherever and however you want, Neat devices natively support Microsoft Teams, Zoom and a range of compelling business applications.

In today's rapidly evolving workplaces, collaborating means more than just meetings in fixed spaces. Yet, many video offerings on the market don't effectively cater to modern office environments.

Neat continues to revolutionize the workplace by inspiring people to unleash their creativity and "flow with the moment," giving everyone the choice and flexibility to always be at their best, whatever the situation.

Since our inception, Neat has focused on tackling complex collaboration challenges with unique solutions, developing incredibly easy, attractive tech that makes teamwork open, fun and dynamic.

Neat was founded in Oslo, Norway, at the beginning of 2019 by a team of creative mavericks who, for decades, shaped game-changing innovations for some of the world's most recognized video communications brands.

  • Janine
    Pelosi CEO

  • Todd
    Meister CRO

  • Jan
    De Cauwer CFO

  • Simen
    Teigre Chief of Emerging Innovations & Co-founder

  • Kevin
    McMenamy Software & CTO

  • Norma
    Lovhaugen Products

  • Ivar
    Johnsrud Hardware &

  • Kritarth
    Saurabh VP of Product

  • Simen
    Andresen Industrial Design

  • Lene
    Bergersen Design

  • Priscilla
    Barolo Marketing & Communications

  • Hellene
    Garcia Emerging
    Technologies GTM

  • Jean
    Bays People

  • Kristina
    Zumfeld Customer Success

  • Martijn
    Blokland Sales International

  • Rick
    Hill Sales Americas

  • Justin
    Bondi Customer Experience

  • Matt
    Hansen Operations

  • Helle
    Bekkeli Supply Chain

  • Tasmia
    Saad Support

  • Alicia
    Ramirez-Ingalls Strategy & Operations

  • Håkon
    Skramstad Co-founder

  • Haakon
    Sporsheim Co-founder

Board of Directors

  • OJ
    Winge Director
    Ubon Partners

  • Fredrik
    Halvorsen Director
    Ubon Partners

  • Rowan
    Trollope CEO

  • Rick
    Snyder Director

  • James
    Weeks Director

  • Oded
    Gal Director

  • Simen
    Teigre Chief of Emerging Innovations & Co-founder

  • Janine
    Pelosi CEO