Neat as a Service.

Neat Zoom Rooms at a low and predictable cost.

With Neat as a Service, customers around the globe can now equip their huddle rooms, meeting rooms, executive offices, remote offices, open collaboration spaces or personal workspaces with Neat’s world-class hardware devices through budget-friendly subscriptions. Make your Zoom Rooms Neat without the large initial investment and save budget for other IT projects.

Neat Bar as a service from US$ 100 a month.

Offering hardware refreshes at an affordable, fixed monthly rate, Neat as a Service makes it easier than ever for customers around the world to gain access to our latest and greatest video communications technology. Making your Zoom Rooms Neat couldn't be easier or more cost-effective with Neat as a Service. Prices are as follows:

  • Neat Bar: US$ 100/month per device for the annual plan and US$ 110/month for the monthly plan.
  • Neat Pad: US$ 22.5/month for the annual plan and US$ 22.5/month for the monthly plan.

* Zoom Rooms license is not included and must be purchased from Zoom.

Avoid downtime with advance replacements.

Protect investments with comprehensive coverage and advance replacement to ensure your Zoom Rooms run flawlessly. All management of Neat devices is via the Zoom Admin Portal, with all software updates securely applied through Zoom. Plus, Zoom is your single point of contact for support.

Get a Neat device upgrade every two years.

With Neat as a Service you can refresh your Neat devices as frequently as every two years to keep your rooms current with the latest technology. As the new normal dictates how we conduct our lives and video becomes more important than ever, Neat provides innovative, future-proof devices that are easily accessible and simple to set up. When you choose a Neat device, whatever meeting space you’re in, you can rest assured that your Zoom Rooms will perform like never before. Why? Because Neat was created exclusively for Zoom. Our sole aim is making Zoom customers happy by delivering the most incredible Zoom Rooms experience imaginable. Each day we wake up wondering how we can make Zoom Rooms better, smoother and smarter by continuously developing simple and elegant purpose-built devices that perfectly complement Zoom Rooms. We ONLY care about Zoom customers. No one else.