Neat and Shure Enable Fantastic Audio Quality in Large Spaces

Sherri Pipala, Apr 23, 2024

You asked, and we listened! Neat has partnered with Shure, the leading audio technology provider, to ensure everyone enjoys crystal clear, naturally sounding audio and video throughout large, complex or acoustically challenging meeting spaces.

Driven by customer demand, Shure and Neat have joined forces to bring you seamless integration between our most powerful video meeting bar, Neat Bar Pro, and multiple Shure Microflex Ecosystem solutions. This optimum combination of pioneering audio and video innovation provides an engaging, entirely equitable listening experience for everyone, whether people position themselves at the front, back or sides of any size or type of space. In other words, those in the room and on the far end will both easily hear and follow the flow of the conversation. No one will miss a thing!

Shure, founded in 1925, has helped people enjoy extraordinary audio experiences for almost a century. It’s a leading global audio equipment manufacturer celebrated for its quality, performance, and durability, and we couldn’t be prouder to partner with such an esteemed, innovative, globally recognized brand.

Our integrated solutions can now easily be installed where customers want a front-of-room, all-in-one device and extraordinary audio coverage throughout their space. We are thrilled to provide a first-of-its-kind combination for large conferencing environments that will provide better experiences and more reliable collaboration.

Peter James, VP of Global Business Development, Shure

Simple, reliable, easy-to-install solutions

The combination of Shure and Neat offers simple, reliable, easy-to-install, equitable solutions that can be scaled to any room, whether a large board or conference room, auditorium or lecture theater.

Shure and Neat is a killer, cutting-edge collaboration. Here’s why:

Neat Bar Pro delivers outstanding audio and video with the most advanced technology. It auto-frames, zooms in, and follows everyone in the meeting room, no matter where they position themselves. It presents each person equally up close on remote participants’ screens via our pioneering, patented Neat Symmetry feature, focusing on whoever’s talking while at the same time closely tracking the expressions and gestures of others. 

Meanwhile, in beautiful synchronicity, Shure Microflex Ecosystem solutions allow you to deploy Neat Bar Pro in much larger, more acoustically challenging rooms without worrying about people being unable to hear anything. Shure Microflex Ecosystem solutions deliver reliable, crystal clear, naturally sounding audio in various speaker configurations and designs to keep your spaces as sleek, minimal and modern as possible.

Better yet, you can connect whatever Shure solution you choose to your Neat Bar Pro via a single USB-C port, and you’ll experience blockbuster sound and stunning visuals meeting after meeting. There are no excess cables. It’s easy peasy. Hear, hear!

Our customers are looking for simple, reliable collaboration solutions for their large, challenging spaces. We are thrilled with this partnership between Neat and Shure because together, they provide a streamlined, easy-to-deploy solution that delivers exceptional video and audio.

Tom Cahill, Vice President of Product and Partner Management, CDW

Innovative range of audio products

For large boardrooms or spaces where VIP participants need to be seen and heard from anywhere in the room, the Shure Microflex Advance MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array and Shure’s ANIUSB-MATRIX USB Audio Network interface provide pristine audio. At the same time, Neat Bar Pro lets you see people and content more clearly throughout even the most expansive, demanding spaces.

For conferencing environments like all-hands training rooms and divisible spaces, the combination of Neat Bar Pro with the popular Microflex Advance MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone, an IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor and MXN5W-C Networked Loudspeaker, provides advanced features and functionality for a consistent and scalable solution.

All the above are certified for Zoom Rooms. They’re simple, reliable, easy to use, and ideal for enterprise standardization. They’ll also simplify your IT personnel’s jobs while enabling your employees and others to enjoy more illuminating meeting experiences.

Zoom customers are looking for exceptional video and audio experiences in all kinds of meeting spaces, which is why we’re excited about this partnership between Neat and Shure. Together, they provide a simple, easy-to-use solution that extends to the most challenging large spaces.

John Stearns, Global Head of Zoom Spaces, Zoom

Thanks to our commitment with Shure to bring you increasingly innovative conferencing solutions, you’ll never have to strain your ears again or turn towards the person sitting beside you to ask, “What did they just say?”

Discover more about Shure and Neat.

Alternatively, you can join our Amplifying Meeting Audio with Neat and Shure webinar to learn how Shure and Neat devices work in perfect harmony to bring top-level audio solutions to your meeting spaces.