Hot Desking Equipment Buying Guide for Ultimate Hybrid Office Efficiency

Hayley Cannon, Aug 16, 2023

Hot desking is a rapidly growing trend. Get ahead of the game with our tips on what furniture and technology you’ll need to make hot desking in your hybrid workplace a hit.

Key Takeaways:

  • Hot desks are shared workspaces that any employee can reserve and use, a concept utilized in hybrid working environments where employees do not come to the office in person every day.
  • Your hotdesking shopping list should include desks, chairs, and video collaboration equipment
  • Other important considerations include security, training and support.

Comprehensive hot desking buying guide

To successfully implement hot desking in your office, you’ll need a range of items. Tailor your purchases to your office’s unique needs and consider involving employees in the decision-making process to ensure a smooth transition to the hot desking model.

1. Workstations

  • Shared desks or workstations – Consider height-adjustable options including standing desks. Plus mobile and modular desks for even more flexibility.
  • Ergonomic chairs – Easily adjusted for different users. 

2. Technology and Equipment

  • Wi-Fi network – Reliable and fast for seamless connectivity.
  • Network infrastructure – Robust enough to accommodate a larger number of devices.
  • Computers – Laptops or desktop computers with docking stations for easy connectivity. Or allow employees to BYOD.
  • Computer peripherals – For example keyboards, mice, and monitors.
  • Cable management solutions – Keep workstations organized and as clutter-free as possible.
  • Charging stations – Vital for personal devices like laptops and mobile phones.
  • All-in-one video conferencing solutions – Save space with streamlined devices that include a webcam, mic and speaker all in one, for instance, our personal video meeting device Neat Frame.
Neat Frame for hot desking

3. Video Communication Tools

  • High-quality headsets or headphones – For clear communication during virtual meetings. Consider noise-canceling devices for the best experience.
  • High-quality webcams – For an excellent visual experience. 
  • All-in-one video conferencing solutions – Save space and streamline the amount of video meeting equipment needed, without compromising the quality of your video call. Neat devices wrap up high-quality audio and visuals all in one and are simple and intuitive to use.

4. Storage Solutions

  • Lockers or storage units – For employees to securely store their belongings. Make sure they are lockable e.g. with a one-time code so they can be used flexibly by different employees.
  • Open storage areas – For instance coat racks and a bag area. Don’t forget to inform employees that items placed here are left at their own risk.

5. Design and Layout

  • Signage – Signs and labels indicating shared work areas for hot desking.
  • Screens or dividers – To provide a sense of privacy, or to zone different areas off for specific purposes e.g. a project ‘war room’.
  • Plants – Create a sense of calm and wellness with greenery.

6. Reservation and Booking Systems

  • Hot desking reservation – Software or apps for employees to reserve desks or workstations in advance e.g. using their Zoom or Microsoft Teams account.
  • Meeting room booking – Digital scheduling tools for booking meeting rooms and other collaborative spaces at the office. Check out Neat Pad for inspiration.

7. Cleaning and Sanitization Supplies

  • Sanitization supplies – Wipes and hand sanitizers so employees can maintain the cleanliness of shared workstations and surfaces.

Further considerations

There are a number of other factors and considerations you should know about to ensure hot desking at your company is a success.


You will need to ensure the hotdesks you set up are secure and capable of protecting each user’s confidentiality when they connect their personal devices. Neat Frame is a robust and secure all-in-one video conferencing device which is great for hotdesking.

Many companies also invest in an access control system to ensure that only authorized personnel can access the workspace. This could be a manned reception desk or a virtual solution e.g. personal access cards or entry codes.

User Support

Make sure that clear guidelines on how hot desking will be implemented and managed are available to your workforce, with details of who to contact if anyone has further questions.

It’s also a good idea to pre-empt challenges by organizing training sessions for employees, so when they come to reserve and use a hot-desk everything runs smoothly. Choosing user-friendly video collaboration equipment, like Neat devices, will also help minimize the amount of support from IT that will be required.

Monitoring and evaluation

Collect insight from your employees via feedback forms/meetings, so that you can continually troubleshoot any issues relating to hot desking, and optimize the experience for all. Some video devices, such as Neat devices, also gather data directly from the workspace which can be very useful in making informed decisions for the future. For instance, Neat Sense delivers insights into room occupancy and even air quality.

Setting a budget

When setting your budget for office transformation, weigh up cost vs. cost of ownership. It’s always worth investing in high-quality technology and equipment if possible, as user experience and ultimately productivity depends on it. Neat’s all-in-one video devices are good value and offer one of the highest possible levels of performance.

Additional amenities and Facilities

In addition to shared working areas like hot desks, it is vital at most companies to have meeting spaces for group discussion. These can be formal or informal, in fact, a mix of both types is usually the most beneficial setup. Common areas for break times, with coffee machines and water dispensers are also a great way to create more social cohesion and employee satisfaction in the workplace.

Neat Frame for hot desking

Since we established ourselves in 2019, Neat has persistently helped address the many challenges people face in the meeting space. Right from the start, we’ve brought to market pioneering video devices that have helped tens of thousands navigate the enormity of the shift to hybrid work. Neat Frame is our award-winning, highly flexible personal desktop device ideal for hot desking, small focus rooms, booths, office pods, or for deploying as a virtual receptionist. It’s an all-in-one video meeting solution that delivers crystal clear picture and sound, along with a range of other benefits that you can discover here.

Expect benefits when implementing hotdesking

Hot desking brings several advantages. In terms of workplace flexibility, employees can adapt their environment to daily needs, fostering a versatile work culture. Additionally, better space utilization optimizes office real estate and financial savings, as dedicated workstations are eliminated. Collaboration and networking thrive as hot desking encourages cross-team interactions, spurring innovation and brainstorming. The diversity of workspaces combats monotony, sustaining motivation and creativity. Furthermore, efficient resource sharing and a lower carbon footprint are facilitated, contributing to environmental sustainability.


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