Neat A-Z

Simon Anthony Walker, Jul 7, 2022
Illustrations: Adam Gale

At Neat, C stands for collaboration, H for hybrid and V for video – not forgetting M for Microsoft Teams and Z for Zoom.

Remember the Jackson 5 song, ‘ABC’? “ABC, easy as one, two, three, as simple as Do-Re-Mi…” That’s what Neat strives to be – from how easy it is to buy our devices and get them rapidly shipped to the highly anticipated unboxing experience and seamless step-by-step setup. We make everything as simple as possible so that you’re into your first meeting in just a few minutes.

This alphanumeric unfussiness got me thinking – what would a Neat alphabet look like? Here’s what I reckon.


All Neat devices ship worldwide and can be purchased through one of our amazing licensed channel partners or directly from


Neat devices cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes globally, from small to medium-sized companies to large enterprise organizations.


Making video collaboration the most effortless and natural it’s ever been is what Neat’s all about. 


Design is at the heart of everything we do, including how we develop our devices and the surprisingly simple out-of-box experience, look and feel of all that’s Neat. Read my Design as a Way of Working blog. 


Neat was founded by a team of creative mavericks that, for decades, have shaped game-changing innovations for some of the world’s most recognized video communications brands.


Although we have offices and distribution hubs worldwide, our main HQ, home to our brilliant R&D team, is at Technopolis, Fornebu, AKA “Video Valley,” in Oslo, Norway.


The rapid rise of video usage has had an extremely positive impact on the environment. So much so that McKinsey & Co suggests that corporate travel spending will be down 20 percent by 2023.


“Hybrid working” has become an overused term, yet we sincerely believe that nobody caters to people’s hybrid needs better than us. Here’s why.  


Staying ahead of the curve and creating futureproof video devices for tomorrow’s workplaces and educational institutions is what fuels Neat. 


Here’s what our customers tell us about Neat devices: “They just work!”


Many of us at Neat have been in the video communications industry for years (see E). Hence, we’re perfectly equipped to provide expert advice for all your video meeting needs.


Much of our Neat content is now localized into eleven international languages and counting, helping more people get to grips with video collaboration worldwide.

Microsoft Teams

Neat is certified for Microsoft Teams, with Neat Bar, Neat Pad and Neat Board natively running Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android. In addition, Neat Frame and Neat Bar Pro will be certified soon.

Neat (of course!) 

And our devices, Neat Bar, Neat Bar Pro, Neat Board, Neat Frame and Neat Pad.


As offices become irrevocably redefined, Neat designs video meeting devices for workspaces of all shapes, sizes and locations. Visit our Spaces page.


Like Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen, who beat the Brits to the Antarctic, breaking new ground is core to Neat’s Nordic DNA. We are Pioneers of video!


When it comes to speed, Neat devices are as quick to get going as a Formula One racing car. We also aspire to get all our software releases off the starting grid at a blistering pace.

Red Dot

Neat has won five prestigious Red Dot Design Awards, including two Best of the Bests for Neat Board and Neat Frame in 2021 and 2022, respectively. Read our Neat Sweeps the Board at the Red Dot Design Awards 2022 blog.


Nothing could be simpler than buying, installing, setting up and using Neat devices. They’re so simple it’s child’s play!


Neat prides itself on having a coven of tech whizzes who collectively conjure up incredible ways for you to meet, engage and collaborate like never before.


We are leading the field in cutting-edge video technology with our unique patented feature, Neat Symmetry, and other patent-pending features such as Neat Audio Processing and Neat Boundary.


Needless to say.


The widespread adoption of video has changed how and where people work. It’s also changed how we help people connect and collaborate when working. Enter Neat Frame! Read my Frame Changer blog. 

X factor

When competing against highly competent brands, you need to have something extra up your sleeve – an X factor. Steve Jobs once said, “Hiring the best is your most important task.” So that’s what we aim for!


Everything we do, and we mean everything, is designed to make the customer experience as simple and delightful as possible for you.


What can we say about Zoom that millions don’t already know? Aside from we’re immensely proud to be partnered with Zoom and dedicated to providing a remarkable experience for Zoom users everywhere. 

There’s more…

Well, that’s my take on the Neat alphabet – at least for now. But, of course, there are plenty of words I didn’t include, such as Devices, Experiences and Stories, which are just as vital to Neat and lead to more exciting and valuable content. So why not click on the links and enlarge your video vocabulary further.