Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards Finalist!

Sherri Pipala, Jun 29, 2023

Neat is exceptionally proud and grateful to be one of only three finalists in the Modern Work ‘Device’ category of the 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards, especially considering the awards attracted 4,200 nominations across 106 countries and regions.

When we discussed entering the 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards just a few months ago, we initially thought it might be too early to apply despite all we’ve achieved in our first year as a fledgling Microsoft partner. But fortune favors the brave, as they say, so we decided to boldly step up to the plate to see if we could smash it right out of the park.

If you recall, it was only in March 2022 that we started bringing simple, accessible leading-edge technology to Microsoft Teams users worldwide with our pioneering devices, Neat Bar, Neat Board and Neat Pad, when they were certified to natively run Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Teams Rooms for Android. Not only that, but we did it in record time compared to any other partner provider. Read our ‘Neat Now Certified for Microsoft Teams Worldwide‘ blog for a complete recap.

Then in October 2022, our multiple award-winning Neat Frame and Neat Bar Pro devices were officially certified to run Microsoft Teams even faster than our first wave of Microsoft certification, breaking our own record. This second certification wave meant Neat’s entire device portfolio became available for Microsoft Teams users. Again, you can backtrack for the full scoop in our ‘Neat Turns up the Heat for Microsoft Ignite‘ blog.

Neat’s entire product portfolio is certified for Microsoft Teams, except for our new Neat Board 50 and Neat Center devices (center and top center), which will follow soon.

Among the few finalists to deliver purely Microsoft Teams devices

Despite the Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards Modern Work ‘Device’ category including all devices, laptops, desktop computers, etc., Neat was among the few finalists to deliver purely Microsoft Teams devices, something we’re happy to humbly boast about.

The Microsoft Teams certification of Neat’s game-changing devices to all our Teams customers worldwide makes a massive difference to how they use video in today’s ever-evolving modern hybrid workplace. In short, it gives them the choice, freedom and flexibility to meet, create and collaborate how, when and where they want at the drop of a hat. The Microsoft Teams certification of our devices also helps make our mutual partners’ jobs easier as they advise what future-oriented devices businesses should consider deploying while seeking to forge ahead in this brave new open-to-change working world.

Not to be too over-chest-beating about it, but Neat’s ability to design, support and nurture our global Microsoft Teams customers and prospects “the Neat way” has helped us achieve this esteemed finalist award. Therefore, we’d like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all the judges and others who considered us worthy. Moreover, we sincerely thank every Neat and Microsoft Teams user and our amazing partners. Your encouragement and belief in Neat on our shared journey to help people meet, create and collaborate better on video drive us forever forward.

Join us in a toast as we crack open the bubbly. Cheers!

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Microsoft will celebrate all the winners and finalists of the 2023 Microsoft Partner of the Year Awards at its virtual ‘Microsoft Inspire’ annual partner event on July 18-19, 2023, PT (July 19-20 APAC and EMEA), which you can register for here.