Neat Pumps Powerful New Capabilities into Neat Pulse

Kevin McMenamy, Mar 21, 2024

Neat is excited to announce the first major upgrades to our online management and premium support service, Neat Pulse, for even simpler, more efficient, cost-effective control and monitoring of your entire Neat device deployment.

Neat Pulse is our full-service offering. It gives you a choice of which applications to run on your Neat devices, complete control of your device deployment, premium support care and extended warranty coverage. Neat Pulse will now include APIs with enhanced enterprise management features and data insights. These APIs will extend the functionality, flexibility and value of all your Neat devices when you’re on a Plus or Pro plan. In addition, the Neat app hub is now available in a limited beta for room and desk scheduling apps.

New dynamic APIs

Through Neat Pulse’s management APIs, you can monitor the health of your entire device deployment, update settings, restart devices, and create enrollment codes for rooms, regions, and locations from anywhere globally.

Yet, as the Beatles sang, “It’s getting better all the time.”

New APIs will empower integrators and customers to develop innovative solutions that provide deeper insights and tighter management of your meeting spaces. These solutions can guide your investment decisions on technology and space configuration and make understanding your return on investment easier. It will enable integrators to build on Neat Pulse with their multi-vendor, multi-asset management platforms in a more flexible, less complex way while offering you ever-increasing value.

As a result, you’ll get deeper and more economic insights and management capabilities across all your meeting spaces. For example, you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions about how people use your spaces, what tech they use, how often they use it, how frequently people book a space or book it and don’t show up, or how many times they jump into a space without reserving it.

Everything all in one

With Neat Pulse APIs, extending the ecosystem of integrator solutions across your Neat devices allows you to enjoy reduced complexity. You can harbor every platform you use in a single-pane-of-glass view of all your technology deployments.

Neat is collaborating on new APIs with several partners, including Neowit, the leading all-in-one workspace and building platform, and Utelogy, the multi-venture device management platform.

Currently in beta testing, these initial APIs give you more detailed data with technology like our industry-first Neat Sense. Neat Sense is an advanced set of smart room sensor technologies we’ve applied to Neat devices since the beginning. It enables you to monitor air quality, humidity, the number of people in the room, ambient noise, and lighting conditions, all in real-time.

Neat’s professional video devices are now more powerful with Neat Pulse APIs used by Neowit to support real-time workplace management. With the detailed information and historical data Neowit and Neat Pulse provide, we can analyze and maximize our use of meeting rooms and multi-rooms.

Dan Sørensen, Chief Digital Officer, Selmer AS 

We are excited to partner with Neat to integrate Neat Pulse APIs with Utelogy’s powerful workplace management solution, giving IT administrators a single pane of glass view into all the technology elements of a meeting space. This integration solution simplifies the centralized management of meeting room ecosystems, enabling customers to efficiently handle deployments in-house or effortlessly transition management to a dedicated service partner.

Kevin Morrison, CEO, Utelogy

If you have a Plus or Pro plan, you can get full access to Neat Pulse APIs and generate API keys from late April via the Settings page on your Pulse tenant. API documentation.

Discover our Plus and Pro plans.

Neat Sense provides accurate real-time room analytics for healthier, safer, more cost-effective meeting spaces.

Customized control capabilities

In addition to the APIs, Neat will release several other capabilities to make managing your device deployments in Neat Pulse simpler and more flexible. For example, Neat Pulse will allow you to schedule and control how and when you upgrade your Neat devices to suit your business needs. It will also enable you to activate SAML SSO for secure login, export device data, and support bulk device enrollment, streamlining deployments to save your IT managers time, hassle, and extra expenses.

Our first set of apps

In 2023, we announced our industry-first app hub, which makes third-party business applications available on Neat devices at no additional cost to Neat Pulse customers. Now available in limited beta, Neat is proud to release its first set of room and desk booking apps from Appspace, askUMA, Flowscape, NFS Technology, Robin, Smarten Spaces and 22Miles

Additional app categories, including visual collaboration apps, web app access, and custom apps, are in co-development, and a beta is coming soon. These tools will help you address digital signage, visitor management, wayfinding, and more. They’ll also help you move, inspire, and energize your teams to brainstorm, ideate, plan, and more easily create what they need to do faster and more efficiently. Since Neat’s founding, our vision has been to deliver exceptional experiences that make meetings more dynamic and engaging. Neat’s app hub is another step towards that vision, giving you ever-increasing choice and flexibility across your meeting spaces.

You can also apply to join our limited app hub beta, and we invite you to nominate your favorite apps to be included in our app hub.

Our industry-first app hub, available in limited beta, makes third-party business applications available on Neat devices at no additional cost to Neat Pulse customers.

Pulse plans

We’ll launch new Neat Pulse plans in late April to deliver more value throughout each tier.

  • Pulse Starter: This plan will include deployment management capabilities, such as remote control, software channel selection, remote configuration, automatic software updates, device setting profiles, room notes, locations and regions, and export of device information. It will also include app hub access (currently in limited beta).
  • Pulse Plus: This plan includes all the features of Pulse Starter. It will also include audit logs, SAML SSO, scheduled software updates, APIs for room insights, and device management. Furthermore, it provides access to Neat’s support team.
  • Pulse Pro: This plan includes all the features and benefits of Pulse Starter and Plus but with an extended warranty and advanced hardware replacement.

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