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Neat Center is a companion device that lets remote meeting attendees follow the conversation more closely by clearly hearing and seeing everyone in the room, even when those in the room are far away from the main device or facing inward, discussing something among themselves. It’s simple to set up, gives you flexible placement options, and further improves the capabilities of your Neat devices for enhanced context and engagement.
Neat Center is a companion device that frames people in the meeting room face-on, ensuring remote participants remain at the center of the conversation by clearly seeing and hearing everyone for complete meeting equity. It's simple to set up, can be positioned anywhere for optimal viewing and audio, and extends the power of your Neat devices and Neat Symmetry for a closer-than-ever hybrid experience.
Neat Center brings remote meeting attendees closer to where the conversation
happens in any room where you have a main Neat device.


Broaden remote attendees' view, giving them a 360° visual
meeting experience when those in the room are talking
among themselves and facing away from the main Neat


Allow remote attendees to hear the conversation more
clearly with an omnidirectional 16x mic array for optimal audio
pickup throughout the room. The audio will automatically
switch between Neat Center and the main Neat device,
depending on where the voices come from.


Keep setup and installation simple with just one plug-in network and power cable.



Place Neat Center on your table or side furniture for greater flexibility.

Alternatively, you can attach Neat Center to a tripod and position it anywhere in the room for even closer audio and viewing.

Fixed to a table.

Fix Neat Center to your table if you have specific hidden or exposed cable routing preferences.

Ceiling mounted.

Hang Neat Center from the ceiling to keep your tabletop clear while enjoying a superior camera angle.


  • 3
  • 360° FOV
    3x wide-angle camera
  • 16 mic array
  • Individual framing
  • PoE
    Power supply
  • Pairing over network
  • LED
    Status indicator ring
  • Orientation sensor
Neat Center in a meeting space
Neat Center in a hall space
Neat Center in a training space
Future scenario.
Neat Center in a large space
Future scenario.

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Neat Center


Neat Center
Table mount and ceiling mount included
Neat Center · International PoE adapter · 5m RJ-45 cable
Table mount and ceiling mount included
Neat Center · China PoE adapter · 5m RJ-45 cable
Table mount and ceiling mount included

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