What Our Customers Say: Top 5 Reasons Why They Love Neat

Simon Anthony Walker, Apr 4, 2024

Neat feels blessed to have an increasing number of inspiring small, medium, large, and prominent Fortune 500 businesses worldwide use our devices for simpler, more flexible, reliable hybrid meetings on Microsoft Teams and Zoom. So we asked them, “Why choose Neat?”

We are in an age where everything moves rapidly regarding technology. Neat is a young, agile company that has the pulse of the people in mind. It continuously develops and adds innovative new features faster than most other video providers, which was a huge plus for us.

Patrick Feninger, Team Lead of Digital Workplace, German aerospace company Lilium Gmbh

Do you ever wonder what the most design-driven, innovative companies have in common? Companies like Apple, Nike and Tesla all share similar traits. They focus on creative thinking, problem-solving, and the end-user. By embracing these core principles, all can improve their ability to innovate and develop products that meet the needs of their customers. They push things forward for the greater good.

Likewise, creative thinking, problem-solving, and focusing on you, the end user, are at the heart of everything Neat strives to achieve. With that in mind, we asked some of our customers what makes Neat their preferred video provider.

Here are the top 5 answers.

1. Simplicity

Many Neat customers refer to the simplicity of our devices as the number one thing they love the most. Take the Australian-American software company Atlassian, for example. The simplicity of our all-in-one video devices was vital in making the expansion of Atlassian’s video capabilities easy to deploy, support, and cost-effective. Atlassian’s previous systems were expensive and complicated to maintain. Neat was, in Atlassian’s words, “a game-changer.” We helped Atlassian quickly roll out video-enabled spaces around its global offices to simplify maintenance and provide the flexibility its hybrid teams need. With less cabling, complexity, and strain on its IT personnel, Neat makes everything, and we mean everything, super simple for Atlassian and countless other global businesses.

Neat provides us with simplicity, giving our end users peace of mind.

Adrian Mason, Workplace Productivity Analyst, Atlassian

2. Audio and camera quality

Customers’ second favorite thing about Neat devices is the audio-visual experience they deliver, which companies like Japanese IT giant TIS Intec Group describe as mirroring real-life conversation. In the past, inferior, broken-up audio during a video meeting or a poor image that would lag hindered employees at TIS, leading to meeting participants turning their cameras off to improve the experience. However, removing facial expressions and emotions from the equation compromised TIS’s communication and sense of company culture. When the company deployed Neat devices, they could hardly believe how much better video meetings could be.

The first time we used a Neat device, I was shocked at how clear the sound and image were. The speaker’s face was automatically detected and shown close-up. It was as if they were talking in front of our eyes. You feel like every meeting participant is with you.

Deshimaru Ayumi, Chief of the General Affairs department, Administrative Headquarters, TIS
Neat Symmetry

3. Neat Symmetry

Our patented and pioneering Neat Symmetry is a major triumph for thousands of customers. For example, when prominent American CRM platform HubSpot employees used Neat Symmetry for the first time, it created a genuine wow moment. They said they’d never experienced a video meeting where folks were at home and in the office yet felt like they were all in the same room together. In other words, Neat Symmetry levels the video meeting playing field between in-office and remote employees. Courtney Lelinho, Director of Collaboration Technology for HubSpot, said: “Neat was able to get us as close as possible to that equitable experience where you could see people in the room and hear people in the room, even if you were not in that room with them.” As for those on the far end, its effect on them was this: 

Remote participants’ satisfaction rates went through the roof since they could see and hear better and feel part of the meeting.

Belinda McCade, Associate Product Manager for Collaboration, HubSpot

4. Product aesthetics

Our customers also love the design aesthetics of Neat devices. Among them are global children’s entertainment company Spin Master, creators of some of the world’s most iconic toys. Neat not only delivers beautifully simple devices that “just work,” but we create them with a Scandinavian design aesthetic that reflects our Nordic beliefs of functionality, simplicity, and clean lines to blend seamlessly into all office environments. In Spin Master’s case, almost our entire portfolio of devices beautifully blends into the company’s creative and design-focused spaces. That’s because Neat prides itself on our “form follows function” design principles, where only the essential elements of a product count. “Less is better,” said Deiter Rams, the German industrial designer associated with many iconic Braun products. We couldn’t agree more!

The design of Neat’s devices is awesome. We’re a design company. We design stuff. So, putting something in a room that even your designers love makes a difference for us.

Tyler Pollard, Global Manager of Collaboration & Productivity Apps, Spin Master

5. Neat Pulse

Despite being relatively young, our Neat Pulse service is already causing customers to jump for joy. When an organization invests in multiple devices like the Dutch governmental organization, PZH has, for example, a central overview of the status of those devices and control over them is critical. That’s why PZH loves our Neat Pulse service, which offers its IT department complete control of the company’s device deployment. It also awards them premium support care and extended warranty coverage. Neat Pulse lets you access devices remotely and configure and change settings on the fly, such as what apps or updates you want to run. It also gives you live status reports of single, paired or grouped devices on a clear, simple, sleekly designed visual display and data on room occupancy and air quality.

We recently implemented our first major upgrades to Neat Pulse, including exciting new APIs and apps, which you can read about here: Neat Pumps Powerful New Capabilities into Neat Pulse.

Neat keeps adding new functionality and improvements. So, it’s definitely a good investment, especially since its advanced devices with Neat Pulse are future-ready.

Daniel de Korte, Project Employee (ICT), PZH

Beyond the top 5 above, there are countless other reasons why businesses worldwide love Neat. Discover more on our customer stories page.

Alternatively, explore Neat’s pioneering devices or see them in action in our live Virtual Demo – Neat Devices and Experiences. Better yet, book a demo and experience them for yourself.