Neat is Proud to Announce a Brand-New Device for Complete Video Meeting Equity

Norma Lovhaugen, Nov 7, 2022

Super exciting news! Neat presents Neat Center, a brand-new companion device with 360° visuals and omnidirectional audio that give remote attendees a perfect perspective of everyone in the room for an all-around better-than-ever hybrid meeting experience.

As the world of hybrid work continues to evolve and people regularly rotate between being at the office and working from home, businesses need to provide the flexibility for employees to work how and where suits them best while ensuring everyone can participate equally in meetings. Because, despite an increasing number of people regularly returning to the office to meet each other, they’re not all simultaneously there. That means in meetings where people in the room naturally turn towards each other and the gravity of the conversation shifts to the center of the table, those remote can’t always see and hear everyone, causing them to feel disengaged from the conversation.

So, on the heels of Neat inventing Neat Symmetry to establish meeting equity, revolutionizing the entire video communications industry, and resulting in everyone following suit, we are proud to announce a radical new solution to boost Neat Symmetry’s innovative capabilities. Neat Center is a companion device that extends the power of Neat devices and Neat Symmetry by enabling remote attendees to see and hear those in the meeting room better than ever. Along with your primary Neat device, Neat Center further addresses the balance between remote attendees and in-room participants – it elevates the feeling of everyone being in the room together like never before. Neat Center pairs with Neat Bar, Neat Bar Pro or Neat Board to extend remote attendees’ view and audio to wherever you need it in the room, whether at the front of the room, the center of the table or both.

Neat Center further restores the balance between remote and in-room participants by extending the power of Neat devices and Neat’s pioneering and patented Neat Symmetry.

Greater equity and inclusion in hybrid meetings

Housing a 360° 3x lens camera and 16x omnidirectional mic array, plus advanced AI that dynamically analyzes the room and people within it, Neat Center enables remote attendees to enjoy greater equity and inclusion throughout all your hybrid meetings. Bringing them to the front and center of the conversation, Neat Center enables remote participants to gain a closer and clearer audio-visual perspective when people face away from them on video. For the first time, they gain the sense of sitting around the table for even greater natural engagement with those in the room.

Like all Neat devices, Neat Center is a breeze to set up and install, with just a single cable for network and power. What’s more, thanks to its highly flexible, self-calibrating design, you can also position it anywhere in your space and rest assured that everyone stays seen and heard. For example, you can place it on your meeting room table, mount it or hang it from above – whatever’s most suitable. Offering greater immersive video engagement between your teams and others, Neat Center is poised to make your hybrid meetings on Zoom or Microsoft Teams feel so much more rewarding and productive and is available in fall 2023.

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