Neat Helps Spin Master Get More Creative With Cutting-Edge Video Technology

Amy Martin, Mar 7, 2024

Leading global children’s entertainment company Spin Master uses Neat devices and services to enable its in-office and remote teams to feel physically together for closer, more collaborative creativity and product demos during their hybrid meetings.

Spin Master uses our devices, Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro with Neat Pad, Neat Board and Neat Board 50 with Microsoft Teams. It also uses our Neat Pulse service offering to monitor and control its entire device deployment from anywhere.

While you might not recognize the name “Spin Master” at first glance, there’s a good chance you know exactly who the company is. Spin Master’s iconic toys range from classics like Etch-a-Sketch and Rubik’s Cube to PAW Patrol, Kinetic Sand, Tech Deck, and hundreds more household names.

Spin Master has offices worldwide with over 2,500 employees, bringing people’s play experience to life. Creativity dominates Spin Master’s culture and innovation, which can be challenging when teams are spread around the globe but need to feel like they’re in the same place. Add in a flexible hybrid work setting that accommodates the diverse needs of Spin Master’s employees, and you can understand why an exceptional video conferencing system is critical for Spin Master.

Spin Master has always been video-first throughout its offices, enabling product teams between its New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto brick-and-mortar buildings to work seamlessly together. Additionally, video is an effective way for Spin Master’s teams to demo toys to vendors and watch kids test out playing with the toys the company has created.

Neat Bar Pro gives Spin Master a beautifully simple yet powerful video solution that helps its hybrid teams feel like they’re physically together for closer collaboration throughout the company’s larger meeting rooms.

Accessing powerful video tools so that everyone feels like they’re in the room

As Spin Master continuously shifts to more hybrid work, the company has scaled its video use significantly. Whereas it previously collaborated from office to office, now everyone needs access to video and critical collaboration software wherever they work. Teams come into the office to collaborate, not sit at their desks, so the spaces need a powerful video solution that makes everyone feel like they’re in the room together. As Alex Witte, AV Specialist, noted, these shifts have created a massive need for an all-encompassing video conferencing system.

We have a very creative and innovative team, so the office space needs to reflect that. How can we create a space that allows people to be as creative as possible? We needed something simple yet effective, so our teams feel the creative juices flowing when they walk into a space.

Alex Witte, AV Specialist, Spin Master

Being an innovative company, it’s no surprise that Spin Master has always demanded top-notch video quality. Why? Because innovators seek innovation.

It’s easier to talk one-on-one to someone when you can clearly see them and their reactions. Video-first is the only way to do that, so it’s important that we have the best quality video available.

Tyler Pollard, Global Manager of Collaboration and Productivity Apps, Spin Master
Neat Bar is perfect for Spin Master’s slightly smaller creative, design-focused spaces, which the company fashioned to support the needs of its different teams and enable their ideas to flow freely.

Beautifully designed devices to fit into creatively designed spaces

Innovation is one significant reason Spin Master chose Neat for its offices. Another one? Not only does Neat deliver beautifully simple devices that work, but we design them with the flexibility to fit into environments like Spin Master’s creative and design-focused spaces, which the company has fashioned to support the needs of different teams and enable ideas to flow freely. In addition to typical small and large meeting rooms outfitted with Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro, Spin Master has several more open, casual meeting spaces that allow people to collaborate on the fly and in a space that spurs creative innovation.

Using Neat Board and Neat Board 50 in these open spaces allows employees to walk up to the board and begin whiteboarding and collaborating whenever creativity strikes. Plus, Neat Boundary makes it easy for Spin Master to keep its meetings confined to where they need to be in these open spaces without worrying about nearby distractions like people standing around chatting or walking past and the cameras picking them up. Spin Master executives also like having a Neat Board in their offices to whiteboard and invite other participants to present their thoughts and collaborate.

The design is awesome. We’re a design company. We design stuff. So, putting something in a room that even your designers love makes a difference for us.

Tyler Pollard, Global Manager of Collaboration & Productivity Apps, Spin Master
Neat Frame enables Spin Master’s employees to meet with their hybrid teammates at their desks without entering a meeting room, enabling greater collaboration and meeting flexibility.

Collaborating on the fly, even when teams are thousands of miles apart

Because Neat tightly integrates with Microsoft Teams and other productivity applications, employees can access their daily tools within their meeting spaces. This makes it easy for people to use the same software and collaborate on the fly, even if they are thousands of miles apart.

Meanwhile, Neat Pulse allows IT managers to get a bird’s eye view of what’s happening with the technology in any office without having to actually be there, so updating or fixing issues doesn’t require a person on the ground. Having everything in one place makes life simpler and saves time and resources. Neat’s upcoming app hub is something the team at Spin Master is also eagerly anticipating, looking forward to the simplicity and ease of being able to deploy and manage the productivity apps they already use, all from one central location.

Spin Master’s catchphrase, “You have to be here for the moments that matter,” has come to life with the implementation of Neat devices. Even though the company’s teams are not necessarily in the office simultaneously, it feels like they are. As a result, Teams feel more comfortable deciding when to go into the office (or not), knowing people will feel their presence regardless of where they are. They can do their job to the best of their ability without missing anything.

Neat has become the standard for all of our offices. The devices just work and help support our culture of innovation. Neat is a dream to work with.

Tyler Pollard, Global Manager of Collaboration and Productivity Apps, Spin Master

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