Latest Neat Firmware Versions Now Included for Microsoft 365 Government Cloud Community-High

Jay Seaman, May 7, 2024

Brilliant news! We are thrilled to announce another major milestone: the latest Neat firmware versions are available for Microsoft 365 Government Cloud Community-High (GCC-H).

New Neat firmware versions for nearly all of Neat’s product portfolio, including our pioneering Neat Bar, Neat Bar Generation 2, Neat Bar Pro, Neat Board, and Neat Board 50, are now available for Microsoft 365 GCC-H. This latest news caps off an exhilarating month for Neat, filled with unique and innovative new products and partnership announcements.

It also highlights Neat’s ever-strengthening relationship with Microsoft, and we couldn’t be more delighted. We are immensely grateful for Microsoft’s continued support and collaboration, which has made this considerable achievement possible. Thank you!

See Neat’s latest firmware versions on Microsoft GCC-High.

Helping people more safely collaborate on video

Microsoft 365 GCC-H enables federal, state, and local U.S. government agencies and commercial companies holding controlled unclassified information, criminal justice information, and export-controlled data to have the most robust capabilities while meeting necessary regulatory controls. These Microsoft 365 GCC-H customers can now deploy Neat Android devices as Teams Rooms to deliver exceptional experiences to their meeting spaces.

Simple, reliable, secure solutions

Neat feels honored to uphold these agencies’ important mission by delivering simple, reliable, secure Teams Rooms hardware solutions, giving this critical customer segment an expanded choice of room configurations to deploy and support.

Better yet, these agencies and others can also enjoy greater adaptability throughout their meeting spaces with our flexible Neat Board and Neat Board 50 devices, especially the latter, which partly complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Neat Board 50’s highly adaptable stand enables you to wheel the device to wherever you need it, angle it however you want, and adjust the screen up or down to the perfect user height.

We are pleased that Microsoft 365 GCC-H customers can now experience Neat’s beautifully simple video devices.

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