How You Fell in Love with Neat This Year

Simon Anthony Walker, Dec 19, 2023
Illustrations: Adam Gale

Over the past twelve months, we’ve continued to provide simple, reliable, beautiful video devices to an ever-increasing number of inspiring businesses worldwide, including some big Fortune 500s, helping millions of you enjoy better, more flexible hybrid work meetings on Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

We’re humbled that so many of you are choosing Neat as your go-to video provider. Throughout 2023, you’ve amazed us with all the fantastic things you’ve said about Neat, our devices and features, and the experience you get from them. All of what we do is inspired by how you use video technology and the incredible things you’re achieving in your business pursuits to fuel your success. To celebrate, here’s your year with Neat in your words.

Empowering HubSpot with highly flexible video devices

When we first used Neat, I’d never experienced a video meeting where folks were at home and in the office, and we felt like we were all together. That’s equity!

Courtney Lelinho, Director of Collaboration Technology, HubSpot.

HubSpot is a leading US customer relationship management (CRM) platform offering software, services and support to help companies grow better.

Hybrid work is now the norm for HubSpot, with 88% of employees either flex (moving between remote and office) or fully remote. After adopting Neat as its preferred video provider, HubSpot has ensured that wherever its people work, they always feel like they’re physically in the same room, sitting around the same table.

Remote participant satisfaction rates went through the roof since they could see and hear better and feel part of the meeting.

Belinda McCabe, Associate Product Manager for Collaboration, HubSpot

A key experience for HubSpot is our industry-leading, patented Neat Symmetry feature, which bridges the gap between remote and in-office meeting participants. Neat Symmetry presents everyone equally close-up on people’s screens, so everyone’s easily seen and heard. HubSpot uses Neat Board because it makes it easy to create highly flexible, movable collaboration spaces on the fly. HubSpot also uses Neat Bar as it delivers a powerful solution for its meeting rooms, making it easy for HubSpot’s in-office employees to walk into a room and immediately start a meeting.

“Nothing compares to a Neat meeting.” –

Offering Rakuten a meeting equity game-changer

Neat Symmetry makes recognizing who’s speaking and participating in the meeting easy. From now on, I won’t want to have any meetings without Neat.

Kyoka Ohno, Construction Management Section, Transmission Network Division, Rakuten

Rakuten Group, Inc. is a Japanese technology conglomerate based in Tokyo. It was founded by Japanese business magnate Hiroshi Mikitani in 1997.

Rakuten Group’s huge portfolio spans more than 70 services across 30 countries. Whether you’re looking for media, entertainment, finance, e-commerce, operations, or mobile communications, this dynamic global innovation company has you covered.

Neat is helping us explore where and how we work. We can justify our investment because it accelerates our virtual global collaboration. I’m looking forward to other products from Neat.

Yasufumi Hirai, Group Executive Vice President, CIO & CISO, Rakuten

Neat Symmetry has been a game changer for Rakuten, restoring meeting equity between remote and in-office teammates and ensuring everyone’s valuable contributions are equally seen and heard. Rakuten also loves our pioneering, patented Neat Boundary feature.

Many of Rakuten’s meeting rooms have glass walls, which previously caused distractions as passers-by unwittingly entered the frame or data on whiteboards in the background appeared on people’s screens. Meanwhile, home-working teammates used to contend with pets and kids who were determined to be the star of the show. Since switching to Neat, meetings have become less hectic and more focused, with enhanced privacy, thanks to Neat’s unique AI technology.

Rakuten uses our Neat Board, Neat Bar and Neat Pad devices.

“Magic never came in a box until Neat showed up.” – Fortune 500 beauty company

Helping Atlassian support its “Team Anywhere” culture

A powerful solution like Neat Board that can easily be set up and moved around as needed to quickly create a new space gives us the flexibility to support our hybrid teams.

Harvey Jones, Workplace Collaboration Lead, Atlassian

Atlassian Corporation is an Australian software company that creates products for software developers and project managers, among other groups.

Atlassian has over 10,000 employees across 13 countries, so remote video collaboration has always been essential. But, over the last several years, Atlassian has fully embraced hybrid and remote working. In the previous two years, around 40% of employees were more than two hours from an office, so it’s more critical than ever that remote and hybrid workers have the tools they need to fully engage and freely collaborate.

Neat provides simplicity when setting up video collaboration environments, which gives our end users peace of mind as they only have to interact with one brand.

Adrian Mason, Workplace Productivity Analyst, Atlassian

Atlassian is leveraging Neat Board for its open and flexible spaces, Neat Bar Pro for its larger meeting spaces, and Neat Frame for some of its focus rooms, making technology a key part of Atlassian’s working process for both in-office and remote employees.

As part of their hybrid work culture, many teams now hold “intentional togetherness gatherings” (ITGs), coming together in the office to brainstorm, hold training sessions, or for team building. As a result, Atlassian has adjusted its spaces to accommodate temporary gatherings, whether it be a group of desks in the same area, an open space or a training room set-up. Leveraging Neat Board with its mobile floor stand or Neat Bar Pro, the teams can create the space they need quickly and easily with the technology they need to be most effective.

“We love Neat’s embarrassingly simple approach.” – luxury jewelry brand

Enabling Criteo to enjoy naturally engaging hybrid meetings

When Criteo met Neat, it was love at first sight. A crush!

Alexandre Villoing, Senior Tribe Leader of End User Services, Criteo

Criteo is a leading global Commerce Media company based in France that empowers marketers and media owners to achieve business results.

Criteo’s market-leading Commerce Media platform connects 19,000 marketers and thousands of media owners to offer people richer consumer experiences within the digital advertising ecosystem, from product discovery to purchase.

Neat is the Apple of the meeting room.

Sebastian Gauthier, Senior IT Engineer, Criteo

At Criteo, dedicated individual desks give way to hotdesks and video-enabled shared spaces, like meeting rooms and communal areas. Some spaces are formal, while others are more colorful and relaxed, perfect for scrums, stand-ups and other more spontaneous meeting styles. In all cases, the emphasis is on encouraging seamless collaboration with video meetings that unify remote and in-office teammates as naturally as possible.

Criteo uses Neat Bar, Neat Bar Pro and Neat Board to help maintain a closer connection between its hybrid teams.

A huge thank you to everyone!

Heading into the new year, Neat is grateful to have an exciting, ever-growing global customer base. So, a huge thank you to everyone who’s been with us on our journey so far. Also, to those who may be about to align with Neat for the first time, we promise we’ll do our utmost to provide you with outstanding forward-thinking video technology with as much love, care, and attention packed into it as possible. Fingers crossed, you’ll fall in love with us, too!

As always, we’d also like to say thanks for the unwavering support of our global channel partners, Microsoft and Zoom, and everyone at Neat, all of whom work tirelessly to give people worldwide the best support and advice, service offerings, and Microsoft Teams and Zoom experiences imaginable.

Happy Holidays. Here’s to a fantastic 2024!

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