Our Responsible Journey

Janine Pelosi, Jan 11, 2024

Since Neat’s inception, we’ve geared our design processes towards creating responsible products and practices as outlined in our Neat Responsibility eBook.

While being 100% sustainable is an extremely high bar to achieve as a hardware company, we strive to implement the most responsible and sustainable practices throughout Neat with the utmost care and attention.

From how we design and manufacture our products and our material management process to how we package them, ship them, and give old products new life, our commitment to being continuously more responsible while remaining as transparent as possible about it is resolute.

Sustainability applies to almost every aspect of our development, whether it’s the ease of serviceability in our products or the use of recycled plastics where possible. It’s a journey where you never really arrive at a destination. Hence, we continuously strive to keep improving as we go.

Simen Andresen, Industrial Designer, Neat

At our core, Neat designs and develops video meeting devices for your spaces. We are a remote-first, hybrid work-oriented video conferencing company, helping other organizations execute their hybrid work strategies and sustainability efforts with less need for travel.

Everyone who operates throughout our offices feels a sense of accountability, resulting in enhanced job pride, satisfaction and a shared cultural commitment to always do better. This philosophy is shared with employees and global partners alike to continuously shrink our ecological footprint via responsible design, packaging and supplier selection practices. Neat devices are designed and developed for circularity and are simple to repair, refurbish and recycle.

At Neat, we see sustainability as a responsible choice we make every day. Our commitment to sustainability in our manufacturing and supply chain reflects our dedication to a better future. We measure our success in profit and the positive impact we make on the planet and people.

Helle Bekkeli, Head of Supply Chain & Operations

As many of you know, Neat’s HQ is in Oslo, Norway. Hence, Scandinavian design philosophies have molded our approach to simplicity, durability, longevity, versatile functionality, timeless aesthetics and minimized impact with our hardware and software. For us, it’s the small efforts across the board that, in total, lead to a more sustainable outcome.

Discover more about Neat’s efforts to be continuously more responsible and our steps so far in our Neat Responsibility eBook.