Neat Enables Better Content Sharing for Social Giant LADbible Group

Simon Anthony Walker, May 2, 2024

In the era of modern, flexible hybrid working across LADbible Group’s global teams, crystal-clear audio and video, clutter-free cable simplicity, and a new lack of technical hiccups are king!

If you’ve laughed at a funny video or shared a silly meme on social media these days, there’s a good chance it originated from LADbible Group, a name synonymous with internet humor.

LADbible Group is a vast youth entertainment brand and the world’s largest digital social publisher, reaching over a billion people every month. Since its rise to internet fame in 2012, LADbible Group has expanded its repertoire to include original content creation, ranging from the viral and highly entertaining “Snack Wars” to “Minutes With,” a popular interview series that shares people’s incredible untold stories.

Comprising a global workforce in the hundreds, spread across multiple studios and offices, including London, Manchester, Ireland, New York, and New Zealand, and functioning on a mostly hybrid model (two days at home, three days in-office), LADbible Group is a thriving company with a growing need to tackle the challenge of bringing its employees together to work, connect, and collaborate seamlessly.

Neat Symmetry gives LADbible Group’s teams equal visual representation on the screen, as though everyone has their own camera person tracking their moves.

Meeting room magic

When the company’s teams collaborate to create content to entertain millions of people, meeting rooms are where the LADbible Group magic happens. Therefore, they need to be intuitive and user-friendly. There should be no unnecessary cables or extra equipment and no lengthy instructions that no one would take the time to read.

According to Jamie Crumpton, Head of IT, LADbible Group’s previous meeting room technology, which included three different types of systems at one point, had “many points of failure.”

So, what would make a win for LADbible Group’s teams?

We wanted to simplify our meeting rooms and add continuality throughout all of our locations, starting with London and Manchester. So basically, our team could book a room in either location and know the exact set-up.

Jamie Crumpton, Head of IT, LADbible Group

More importantly, as a company whose work lives and breathes in audio and video, the need to seamlessly share high-speed video and audio in a meeting was paramount. That’s because glitching videos and stuttering audio are not funny at all. 

Neat Frame is a unique portrait-oriented touch-screen device that gives LADbible Group’s employees a beautiful, convenient way to meet in smaller spaces.

Neat to the rescue

Adding a combination of our Neat Bar, Neat Bar Pro, and Neat Frame devices to LADbible Group’s London and Manchester office meeting rooms was a breeze. Plus, with our personalized customer support and attentive team, the most challenging part was… well, there wasn’t a challenging part.

For a company whose name is synonymous with video, the camera was what Crumpton immediately noticed.

One of the first things we noticed was the high-quality cameras. They offered a real-life look and feel that brings people and content to life. As content producers, the ability to share high-speed audio and video is paramount to our productivity. Users can share videos over video conferencing without them appearing pixelated or blurry.

Jamie Crumpton, Head of IT, LADbible Group

But that was just the beginning.

Our pioneering, patented Neat Symmetry gives team members equal visual representation on the screen, as though everyone has their own camera person tracking their moves. In addition, Neat’s auto-wake feature simplifies LADbible Group’s meetings because, thanks to our streamlined Neat Pad device, there’s a single, easy-to-use touchscreen to start meetings, share screens and connect out-of-office team members without anyone having to track down a remote, read an instruction manual, or cry out for tech support.

With LADbible Group’s hybrid work schedule, having remote access to its entire Neat deployment has also made everyone’s lives easier. Our Neat Pulse service offering enables LADbible Group to manage its Neat technology from anywhere, with complete autonomy, including seamless pairing with Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro. Crumpton and his team can create profiles for different settings and roll them out at the touch of a button. They can also go into a room and remotely control the device.

Neat Pulse has dramatically reduced our support tickets. Even when we walk around in the morning to do our tech checks, we notice that the rooms aren’t pulled apart. They’re just ready to go from the start.

Jamie Crumpton, Head of IT, LADbible Group
Neat Pad enables people to control LADbible Group’s devices and, when deployed as a scheduler, check room availability and book and reserve meeting spaces.

“It’s really neat!”

You might think hearing the “it’s really neat” pun “a million times now,” as Crumpton joked, would get tiresome. Still, as he describes the transformation that’s been made to LADbible Group’s  London and Manchester meeting rooms, “it’s really neat” is 100% accurate. 

And it’s not just because our video devices are easy to use.

Switching to Neat has meant less time troubleshooting problem after problem and more time working and creating.

The high level of support and 1:1 attentiveness, combined with Neat’s functionality, has led LADbible Group to make its locations “neater” in the spirit of its entire team (LADbible Group is not the only ones who like puns!).

LADbible Group uses its Neat Bars, Neat Frames, and Neat Bar Pros throughout its  London and Manchester office meeting rooms and plans to add two new meeting locations for its Town Halls using Neat devices.

The friendly approach and the customer service have been brilliant from the off. We’re not just a number. It’s more personal than that.

Jamie Crumpton, Head of IT, LADbible Group

As LADbible Group expands, we’ll be right there with them, ensuring that as much as the company grows, LADbible Group’s experience remains customized and consistent. We want LADbible Group to be making viral hits, not taking them!

Discover Neat’s pioneering devices or register for one of our upcoming webinars to see them in action. Surpassing that, book a demo and experience them for yourself.