Latest Software Upgrade

Justin Bondi, Jun 19, 2020

Say hello to our brilliant new features for Neat Bar and Neat Pad.

We are proud to announce another exciting software upgrade for Neat Bar and Neat Pad. This one is big, as it includes lots of brilliant new features. Also, this upgrade is the last one where you have to rely solely on an automatic upgrade from us. Next time, you’ll be able to update Neat Bar and Neat Pad manually via the Zoom Device Management portal. That way, you or your IT managers can manually schedule upgrades and updates at a time that’s most suitable for you, and then pre-test stuff before pushing it out to all your Neat Zoom Rooms.

In the meantime, here are some of the wonderful things you can enjoy with this upgrade:

WiFi support for Neat Bar

Whereas previously you could only connect Neat Bar via Power over Ethernet (PoE) or Ethernet, you can now connect Neat Bar to your network via WiFi, giving you more options for the type of rooms or spaces you can set up Neat Bar. Areas where access to an ethernet socket isn’t available, for example. This feature is particularly handy for those of you who wish to install Neat Bar in an open area or your work from home space, as you don’t have to worry about running a cable across the room.

Automatic (motion-based) wake up and standby

Auto-wake, as we mostly refer to it, enables your system to self-activate the second you walk in the room, at the same time turning on your meeting room screen and checking you into the room. Although this feature is a pre-release, each day, we are testing, making refinements, and taking in feedback, so ultimately, we can bring you the greatest possible Zoom Rooms experience.

Neat Audio Processing (NAP)

In April, we launched NAP, our proprietary hardware-optimized audio processing application, developed to provide an outstanding overall audio experience in Zoom Rooms. Neat Audio Processing eliminates ‘double talk’ issues that can occur in Zoom meetings when a person’s voice becomes garbled or muted by others talking over them or by any background noise. NAP allows for more natural, fluid conversations, even in the liveliest meetings. Our June release brought additional optimization to enhance NAP’s audio capabilities further.

Sharing of audio content via HDMI cable

In the same April release, we also introduced a feature where you can share content from Neat Bar via an HDMI cable. With this latest upgrade, you’re able to now share audio too. The HDMI cable connects to the back of Neat Bar. Then once you insert the other end into your laptop, tablet or phone, you can share whatever content you like, all in perfect sync.

Further upgrades coming soon

We are forever developing our existing products, while creating new ones, and can’t wait to release further upgrades, which will be coming soon. If you have any questions regarding Neat devices and their functionality, please don’t hesitate to reach out at Finally, despite current worldwide events, Neat Bar and Neat Pad are in stock. We continue to process orders at, offering free global shipping.

Thanks for your continued support in helping us on our mission to make Zoom Rooms the smoothest and best it’s ever been.