Keep Your Video Meetings Moving

Simon Anthony Walker, Sep 13, 2021

The HÅG Capisco task chair from Flokk offers endless ways to sit
or half stand for improved well-being in the workplace.

Sitting in a task chair that encourages your entire body to move makes you feel healthier, happier and more productive.

Today’s workplace is experiencing a revolution in reorganization and innovation due to how and where we work rapidly evolving. Success for businesses these days hinges on greater investment in people’s well-being, and in many cases, includes a complete reconfiguration of office landscapes.

For example, employees now expect video to be installed across all available spaces to fully connect dispersed teams. That means companies need to determine how their workplace furniture fits into that scenario and plays an equally crucial role in ensuring everyone stays feeling comfortable, happy and healthy throughout their surroundings, leading to them being more engaged, energized and productive.

Empowering you with the freedom to get up and stretch, even move around, while remaining entirely immersed in your video meetings is something Neat has focused on with revolutionary capabilities such as Neat Symmetry. But what about the rest of the time spent sitting down, which, let’s face it, fills up most of our day.

According to the Mayo Clinic, sitting for eight hours a day is as harmful as smoking or obesity. While research from Harvard University shows poor posture can cause conditions ranging from chronic head, neck and back pain to fatigue and heartburn. Therefore, whether you’re involved in video meetings at your desk or a table with others, good posture is a must for optimal health and productivity, especially when problems arising from poor posture costs U.S. employers approx. $7 billion per year in lost workdays.

Active sitting mimics standing or walking

At Neat, we’ve been delving into incorporating more mobility into our working day by choosing task chairs that promote active sitting. That’s why we recommend Flokk, the market leader in the design, development and production of workplace furniture in Europe.

According to Flokk, active or dynamic sitting helps keep your body moving while seated. It encourages the same natural movements that take place when you’re standing or walking. Through active sitting, you can improve your posture, strengthen your back and core muscles and reduce the overall stress placed on your body through having a sedentary work life.

“Active sitting has many benefits. First and foremost, task chairs designed for active sitting encourage core strength. They achieve this by working your core muscles. These include your upper and lower abdominal muscles, shoulder and lateral muscles, which help protect and stabilize your spine to provide back strength down to your hips,” explained Flokk Senior Ergonomist Sukhi Assee. “In contrast, a C-shape posture can cause muscle weakness, fatigue and stiffness. Active muscles promote better blood and oxygen circulation, encouraging consistent muscle contraction, which revitalizes your mind and body.”

Your ideal posture is the next one

The best active tasks chairs promote unconscious movement, prompting people to change their posture as frequently and intuitively as possible. The HÅG Capisco, for example, is an award-winning chair from Flokk. Developed by legendary Norwegian industrial designer Peter Opsvik, who believed “If we are allowed to move, we move,” its unique saddle-shaped seat offers endless ways to sit or half stand. Inspired by a horseback rider’s posture, the HÅG Capisco’s innovative shape ensures you’re always perfectly in balance and primed to move.

To discover more about active sitting and Flokk’s diverse portfolio of products, visit Flokk. For more info on how Neat’s pioneering video devices allow you to meet and keep moving, read our Neat Symmetry blog