How Neat Helps talabat Feast on Delightful Video Technology

Simon Anthony Walker, Jun 20, 2024

talabat, the innovative, tech-driven, leading platform for everyday food deliveries throughout MENA (Middle East and North Africa), uses Neat devices with Zoom for broader team collaboration and enhanced productivity, boosting its company culture to a whole new level.

talabat has installed Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro with Neat Pad and our 65-inch touchscreen Neat Board throughout its office spaces. Between the writing of this blog and the filming of the accompanying video, talabat has also started using our companion device, Neat Center, with much success.

Even though Neat is a young company, it’s already successfully competing with the giants in the video conferencing industry

Fahad Qureshi, Senior Director of IT Operations, talabat

talabat is a household name for customers ordering food delivery and groceries online in parts of the Middle East and North Africa. Behind the convenience and reliability of its service is a fast-growing tech company with headquarters in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and global offices in eight countries with over 5,500 employees. Most of talabat’s employees are office-based. However, before it discovered Neat, its conferencing technology had yet to keep pace with talabat’s growing collaborative needs.

Laptops and webcams proved limiting

Before the pandemic, talabat’s previous office layout and technology limited its employees from having a simple way to connect. talabat’s culture is people-oriented, but with just a handful of small meeting spaces, employees had no choice but to dial into meetings from personal devices. The problem is that individual-based technology makes it difficult for employees to collaborate effectively in a group setting. A haphazard combination of laptops, webcams and other meeting room hardware also proved limiting in a company where technological advancements and job-based learning are paramount.

As talabat shifted its approach to emphasize group meetings and connections for broader team collaboration, it needed video conferencing technology to support this cultural shift. talabat sought a more streamlined way to uphold a collaborative work environment for its regionally based team members with a simplified system that its IT personnel could manage from one location.

Pre-Neat, our work culture wasn’t focused on taking group meetings but rather on individuals connecting on their laptops with a mixed bag of cameras, speakers, and other complicated and disorganized equipment.

Fahad Qureshi, Senior Director of IT Operations, talabat
Combined with a Neat Bar Pro, Neat Symmetry with Neat Center enables talabat to enjoy closer, more equitable and immersive video meetings between its in-office and remote employees so nobody misses a thing.

Finding the ideal solution in Neat

After trialing several other video hardware providers, talabat found everything it desired and more in Neat. It discovered an incomparable simplicity regarding installation, set-up, and our devices’ superior quality and reliability. For Fahad Qureshi, Senior Director of IT Operations at talabat, the Zoom integration with Neat is fantastic. “We’ve never faced an issue with Zoom on Neat. Not only is it more convenient, but we never have to say, ‘Can you speak louder? I can’t hear you,’ thanks to the amazing clarity of the Neat devices’ audio capabilities.”

We were amazed when we tested our first Neat device, Neat Bar. It fulfilled all of our requirements, so after positive feedback from our CEO, we decided to try multiple Neat Boards. The experience, quality and results we get from using Neat devices are top-notch compared to other vendors we tried.

Fahad Qureshi, Senior Director of IT Operations, talabat 

talabat has successfully installed Neat Bar and Neat Bar Pro with Neat Pad and our 65-inch touchscreen Neat Board and companion device, Neat Center, throughout its various-sized meeting rooms, resulting in an exceptionally positive experience for its teams, specifically talabat’s tech developers and designers. The fact that the technology is easily accessible to the company’s teams where they sit at their desks means people no longer have to seek it out in another room or space, disturbing their workflow.

The upshot is that talabat’s teams have cited Neat as a significant factor in their increased productivity while helping foster closer bonds between employees. Ultimately, people can be in a designated space 100% of the time with all the technology they need to communicate at their fingertips. This has helped bolster talabat’s cultural team-building efforts.

Neat Symmetry with Neat Center is particularly effective in larger meeting rooms because it ensures everyone can easily see and hear people at the back, even when they turn away from the front-of-the-room device.

Continued success through bold innovation

For a technology-led company like talabat, discovering compatible companies like Neat that stand out in an over-saturated market through bold, innovative, industry-leading products is the gateway to continued success. In that respect, despite Neat being newer to the market than other more established video providers, in talabat’s view, we stand out. Fahad Qureshi, Senior Director of IT Operations, stated, “Even though Neat is a young company, it’s already successfully competing with the giants in the video conferencing industry, much as we strive to do within our industry.”

Since deploying Neat devices at its UAE headquarters, talabat has started adding systems to its offices in Kuwait, with other locations coming soon so that the company can continue to ensure it’s delivering what its customers need, when they need it, well ahead of talabat’s competitors.

Neat is continuing to innovate with industry-leading, top-quality products. It’s not just giving solutions for meeting collaborations but also other situations. 

Wasif Hussain, Senior Procurement Manager, talabat

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