How Neat Devices Are Helping Become a Brilliant Hybrid Workplace

Hayley Cannon, Nov 2, 2023 is a cloud-based platform that allows anyone to create their own applications and project management software for a new working era. With 1600 global employees, the company is a “people-first” organization that prioritizes face-to-face communication while embracing all the benefits of hybrid working.

Even before the pandemic, video meetings were always possible at, typically via local computers installed in a handful of meeting rooms. However, the pandemic sparked massive change, inspiring to invest in purpose-built video collaboration devices and meeting spaces.

Overnight, Zoom became integrated into our day-to-day way of working, and even when people returned to the office, we continued to meet our colleagues working from home online. We needed to create a more robust experience around video meetings.

Lior Zagury, Director of Global IT at

Planning for change

The first step took was researching its options and trying out hardware from various manufacturers. For months, the company tested the devices in meeting spaces at one of its central offices to put them through their paces. One of’s non-negotiables was a wireless solution to create a clutter and cable-free environment for a greater sense of calm. The aesthetic of the devices was important, needing to speak to the overarching brand image.

“Architecture, design and tech all work together to create the vibe, a common culture across all our offices,” said Lior Zagury, Director of Global IT at “Neat’s devices look great and are more compact than other devices on the market.”

The most important thing, though, was that the devices just worked., more than most, understands the value of easy-to-use, efficient systems. Why? Because that’s what the company sells. provides streamlined workflows for everything from Software Development to Sales & CRM, each designed to save time and maximize productivity while minimizing headaches.

In that sense, and Neat are kindred spirits. We both have simplicity engrained in our DNA, meaning people don’t need specific skills or training to use or Neat products or devices. People get straightforward solutions they can plug, play and use straight out of the box. Since choosing Neat, Lior has had virtually zero questions about how to use our devices.

When no one comes to talk to me about video conferencing, I know everything is working, and I’ve made the right choice.

Lior Zagury, Director of Global IT at
Neat Bar is a simple, compact, elegant meeting room device that delivers superior-quality audio and video and works brilliantly in’s smaller meeting, huddle and focus spaces.

Simple to install, set up and use worldwide works with leading reseller Touch Conference. After trialing its options in what Touch Conference affectionately described as “a large video conferencing laboratory,” chose a range of Neat devices that it could quickly and efficiently roll out across its offices worldwide. For smaller meeting spaces, opted for our compact, elegant, all-in-one Neat Bar, thanks to its superior-quality audio and video for rooms with up to ten people.

Neat Bar is’s most loved Neat device because of its widespread user-friendliness, with the company’s New York office boasting 30 units. “The slimline Neat Pad that comes with Neat Bar automatically shows you the set-up video the first time you turn it on,” said Yehuda Goldberg, VP of development and technology at Touch Conference. “Neat has thought through every detail to make installing the devices fool-proof.”

For’s larger conference rooms, the company chose Neat Bar Pro, capable of driving up to three large screens, with just as simple a set-up as our flagship Neat Bar device. For the communal kitchen areas on every floor of’s offices, they went for the Neat Board, our immersive 65-inch multi-touch screen for powerful video collaboration, whiteboarding capabilities and additional flexibility regarding quickly wheeling or positioning the device wherever needed.

Neat Bar Pro has far-reaching audio power and two extreme-resolution cameras that deliver 16x zoom, enabling everyone to see and hear each other clearly throughout’s larger meeting rooms.

Award-winning best-in-class devices

Finally, for’s one-person booths, the company chose our unique, portrait-oriented Neat Frame, winner of two Red Dot Design Awards: Best of the Best and Best Smart Product. Neat Frame provides a beautiful, convenient way to meet. Its superb eye-level camera lets you enjoy a more focused, naturally engaging meeting experience. At the same time, the device frees up your laptop for other tasks.

Neat’s comprehensive suite of pioneering video devices has set a new global standard for all of’s offices. Better yet, when people at the company talk about video conferencing today, they refer to using their Neat devices “in much the same way people say “Google” as a catch-all for their searches online,” Lior explained. office space with Neat Board
Neat Board has a 65” multi-touch screen, powerful audio and a versatile wide-angle camera and whiteboarding capabilities, making it the ideal all-in-one collaboration board for’s communal kitchen areas.’s Director of Global IT, Lior Zagury, shares his top three reasons for choosing Neat:

1. Nothing compares to Neat video meetings

“With Neat’s high-performance audio, I can really hear everyone in the room. Neat Boundary gets rid of distracting background views. And Neat Symmetry auto-frames everyone wherever they’re sitting and when they move around. Nothing compares to a Neat video meeting.”

Neat Symmetry presents everyone in the meeting room equally up close, whether sitting, standing or moving around, enabling remote meeting attendees to engage in more natural, free-flowing conversation.

2. First to market with Zoom upgrades

“I can’t rely on manufacturers who are only focusing on hardware. I like that Neat has a very close relationship with Zoom and an exciting roadmap for development. It gives me confidence that the functionality we need will be available on Neat devices first.”

3. Better value for money

“Neat’s devices are multi-purpose. I don’t have to spend money on separate mics, speakers, cameras etc. I get more for my money compared to Neat’s competitors, especially for small rooms. Plus, the quality is better.”

A star office that’s leading the way in video tech

With Neat, has created first-class hybrid meeting spaces that deliver the best in video collaboration, supercharging the company’s communication to help it flourish and grow. Moreover,’s office has become like a “second showroom for Touch Conference,” said Yehuda Goldberg, “a place for other decision-makers to come and get inspired.”’s bold new hybrid office blueprint is undoubtedly an absolute triumph for all concerned!