Excel at One Thing (Neat Makes Zoom Video Devices)

Neat, Mar 2, 2021

Focusing on a singular task and doing it well is the most effective way of achieving your goals, no matter how big or small.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Aristotle

How often have you gone to a coffee shop and discovered they make an average cup of coffee? How often have you hired a handyman only to realize they’re not quite as good as you initially hoped? Or how often have you bought something, then a few months later it’s either falling apart or faulty? Usually, it’s because companies or people are trying to make, offer or provide too many things at once without having mastered any of them. To create a product or service that’s unique, valuable and worthwhile, you must apply laser-like focus to one particular task. It demands that you block out all other distractions and zero in on a solitary idea, message and strategy.

When you have a singular focus, you can build a product, service or experience that feels just right, so much so that it’s tough to know how to make it simpler, more elegant or useful. The best products, services and experiences frequently combine innovation, functionality and design to make something that becomes highly regarded in every respect.

Having a purpose-driven vision

Take Michelin or Tesla, for example. Although they’re two very different companies, both have one thing in common. They run on a single product concept, in their case, tires and electric cars. And because of that and the fact they do it exceptionally well, they’ve each become globally recognized for what they produce by their brand name alone. Each religiously sticks to its area of expertise and is purpose-driven to offer its customers complete quality and reliability.

By purely focusing on tennis, Venus Williams has risen to be considered the greatest women’s player ever to set foot on the court. Similarly, people see Tony Hawk as the ultimate skateboarder. Tens of millions watch YouTube thanks to it solely spotlighting video, and a vast amount use Dropbox for its prowess in file hosting. Finally, how can anyone not know Zoom these days? For almost a decade, it persistently kept chipping away at delivering the ultimate video communications platform until, in 2020, the world finally embraced Zoom like no other company in recent history. Pouring all your attention into only one thing, continuously honing it to perfection, with nothing to steal your focus, is the most effective way of achieving success or reaching your goals no matter how big or small.

Refining your craft takes time

Yet sticking to one thing is hard as people’s desires and needs are continuously changing. Many of us jump into new projects and pursuits before we’ve accomplished our old ones, forgetting that becoming an expert at something can take a lifetime to learn. Even baking a simple loaf of bread can take years to master. For the majority, the trick is to love what you do. You have to discover your passion, the one true thing you enjoy pursuing the most and believe you can accomplish brilliantly. Then work at it like there’s no tomorrow. Live it. Breathe it. Ace it. And eventually, you’ll be able to say that you do that one thing well.

People follow and support specific brands because they specialize in making, selling and championing one notable thing. For those who have carved a niche position in their relevant field, most have likely learned that mastery typically comes through intense focus, repetition and obsession about a certain subject over an extended period.

“Success demands singleness of purpose. You need to be doing fewer things for more effect instead of doing more things with side effects.” Gary Keller, author of The One Thing

Neat only caters for Zoom

Neat only focuses on creating delightful Zoom experiences in the meeting space and throughout the entire Zoom customer journey. All Neat devices are a native Zoom solution, meaning each model is purpose-built to seamlessly make everything Zoom implements smoother, smarter, faster, more stable and secure.

For more info about Neat devices and how you can swiftly transform your business or school to be better equipped with video or to order directly online, visit neat.no. We offer worldwide shipping and can deliver in just a few days.

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