Chloe Welcomes a New Reality

Simon Anthony Walker, Sep 8, 2022
Illustrations: Adam Gale

“We’re talking away… ♬ ♫ ♩ ♬ ♩ ♫”

Neat Symmetry helps Chloe and her hybrid team lessen the digital divide in meetings, just like the famous scene from A-ha’s pioneering video for ‘Take On Me.’

Remember the Norwegian pop titans animated video for their worldwide 80s smash, ‘Take On Me‘? 

Even if you were too young, this now iconic clip continues to excite a new generation of fans years after its initial release, having racked up 1.5 billion views and counting on YouTube alone. That’s because brilliant ideas coupled with cutting-edge innovation blaze a comet-like trail that burns long into the future.

With that in mind, our patented Neat Symmetry is a revolutionary development in video smart room technology and is unique to Neat. As in our first Complex Chloe and Neat Pete story, Neat Symmetry is helping more and more hybrid teams like Chloe’s enjoy greater synergy in meetings while enabling them to welcome the future of work and the dawning of a new reality.

Neat Symmetry shows Chloe’s teammates at the office equally up close, enabling everyone to enjoy a more equitable, inclusive video meeting experience.

In our second Chloe and Pete story, Chloe and her team discover the wonderful ways Neat Symmetry and its dynamic capabilities empower them to enjoy more equitable and inclusive hybrid meetings. Along with Neat’s advanced audio-visuals, Chloe, working from home, can better read her in-office teammates’ facial expressions and body gestures for a more empathetic, natural video meeting experience.

Neat Symmetry also instinctively pans in and out to auto-track her in-office teammates within their own frame, following them as they shift position, get up or move around. As a result, everyone’s always seen and heard, wherever they are in the room, helping Chloe feel like she’s actually there. See why Chloe and her team’s hybrid meetings are like being together in person:

Chloe Discovers

How Neat Symmetry Enables Everyone to Enjoy More Equitable and Inclusive Hybrid Meetings.

Remember how Chloe and her teammates back at the office used to meet on video before discovering Neat? Chloe was at home and struggling to connect with her teammates because they appeared too far back in the room.
Hence, Chloe found it hard to contribute. She couldn’t see or hear them clearly and felt removed from the conversation.
But now, Chloe’s hybrid experience with her teammates has vastly improved. Since Pete told her about Neat’s pioneering devices, everyone has felt much happier and relaxed, enjoying more equitable and inclusive meetings, thanks to Neat Symmetry.
By presenting Chloe and her team equally up close, Neat Symmetry empowers working-from-home employees like Chloe to see and hear her in-office teammates better than ever. Not only that, but she’s also able to catch any silent signals, facial expressions or body gestures for a more engaging, empathetic, natural video meeting experience.
At the same time, Neat Symmetry pans in and out to individually auto-track Chloe’s teammates back at the office within their own frame, instinctively following them as and when they shift position, get up or move around the office. They don’t even have to be facing the camera. No matter where they are in the room, everyone’s always seen and heard.
Not feeling rooted to the spot like before also means Chloe’s teammates are more alert and energetic, leading to greater mental and physical well-being and fresher, more productive meetings for all involved.
Neat Symmetry can brilliantly capture multiple people in rooms of various sizes because Neat devices incorporate extreme resolution wide-angle modern camera technology – similar to the innovative tech used in today’s mobile phone industry.
So, whether Chloe or anyone else who’s remote is in a meeting with one or numerous others back at the office, everyone will always be equally represented. Moreover, you can switch to “Thumbnail view” in larger meetings to highlight whoever’s currently talking.
Neat Symmetry is helping Chloe and her teammates thrive, enabling them to feel as close as can be when not physically in the same room together. Just like the famous scene in A-ha’s ground-breaking video for ‘Take On Me. Another example of Norwegians championing bold innovation.
That’s Neat!

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Chloe Discovers eGuide series.

Neat Symmetry’s auto-tracking means nobody has to feel rooted to the spot anymore, leading to greater health, energy levels and productivity.

At the same time, nobody feels rooted to the spot like they did before, hunched or slumped over their desk, tired, fatigued and achy. Instead, Neat Symmetry gives Chloe and her team the freedom to feel more alert and energetic, leading to enhanced mental and physical well-being and fresher, more productive meetings for all.  

Find out the other ways Neat Symmetry is helping Chloe and her team flourish by diving into our second Chloe Discovers eGuide series story.

Chances are you won’t get to schmooze with A-ha’s dashing lead vocalist Morten Harket like Chloe in her dream meeting scenario, but at least you’ll feel closer than ever to your hybrid colleagues on Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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