Neat Pad


Scheduling Display – Virtual Demo

Optimize your meeting room management by installing Neat Pad outside the room. Customize it as a scheduling display for Zoom Rooms or a control panel for Microsoft Teams rooms. Moreover, Neat Pad can transform non-video enabled meeting spaces into bookable rooms (platform license required). It simplifies the booking process, eliminating the need for other calendar systems, and offers integrated LED indicators for quick room availability checks, even from a distance down the corridor.

Neat Pad Room Controller – Virtual Demo

Neat Pad serves as your all-in-one meeting controller, allowing you to initiate meetings and screen sharing effortlessly with a single tap. Whether configured as a controller for Zoom Rooms or a console for Teams rooms, it provides versatile options to invite participants, manage audio settings, and even record your meetings. When integrated with a third-party Zoom Rooms system, it not only replaces conventional tablet controllers but also delivers enhanced functionality and capabilities.