Our Industry-Defining “Frame Changer” Is Your Video Device and Phone from the Future.

Simon Anthony Walker, Apr 27, 2023

Neat Frame’s more than just a revolutionary all-in-one video meeting device. It’s also your new Microsoft Teams or Zoom desk phone!

Alexander Graham Bell is routinely credited as the inventor of the telephone. He was the first to speak over the phone on March 10, 1876. In 1973 Martin ‘Marty’ Cooper from Motorola made the first ever call on a personal, handheld, portable cellphone. Since then, beaming text messages, emojis, pictures and movies on our mobile phones has become part of modern-day life.

Like mobile phones transformed the way we communicate with one another, so too have video devices. Yet many people still have phones on their desks. Therefore, why not also use a video meeting device as a phone to reduce clutter and complexity? Additionally, your potentially scaled-down and overstretched IT personnel will feel less burdened.

Neat Frame is a pioneering video meeting device and phone that eliminates unnecessary clutter and complexity.

No need for traditional office phones

Whereas organizations once relied on traditional phone systems for public switched telephone network (PSTN) dialing, companies gradually integrated them with today’s various collaboration platforms. First, Lync became Skype for Business, then Microsoft Teams Calling Plan. Likewise, Zoom began as a meeting platform but has since built and added Zoom Phone.

So, why the integration? Simple. Although many organizations no longer rely on a daily PSTN, in the US, for example, they’re legally required to have one. And there lies the rub. With the advent of video meetings, having too many devices on your desk potentially causes extra stress for everyone. Well, not anymore.

Neat Frame makes video meetings and phone calls simple and stress-free.

Say hello to simpler video meetings and phone calls

As many know, our award-winning portrait-oriented Neat Frame is a bold, “frame-changing” video-meeting device that takes up very little space – it’s only 8.75 inches across and 4.38 inches deep. However, besides providing an outstanding video meeting experience, you can use it as a Microsoft Teams or Zoom phone.

Suppose you’re an executive with a Neat Frame on your desk. Or a hybrid worker using a Neat Frame in a hot-desking zone, booth or space. Whatever the case, you’ll no longer need a softphone on your laptop or any other physical phone or system. Using Neat Frame as a phone is easy when you have a Microsoft Teams Calling Plan or Zoom Phone account.

Neat Frame works with a Microsoft Teams Calling Plan or Zoom Phone account.

Enjoy a wealth of unique and exciting features

Plus, with Zoom (and Microsoft Teams, depending on your PSTN carrier capabilities), you can accept an incoming phone call and switch to video on the fly. That means you won’t have to hang up, schedule a meeting, send a request and join. Instead, Neat Frame takes care of everything in a nanosecond. Neat Frame also supports Bluetooth, USB, and 3.5mm headsets for the Neat Frames you deploy throughout your open spaces.

The same goes for your conference rooms. Gone are the days of you needing to place a “spider phone” in the center of the table. Now you can use Neat Frame, or any other Neat device, to simplify everything.

Welcome to your video device and phone from the future!

For more info on Neat Frame and its industry-defining features, please contact one of our product specialists at hello@neat.no. Better yet, book a demo.