How Neat Enables Synopsys to Enjoy Remarkable Video Equity

Amy Martin, Jul 11, 2024

Synopsys is a leading electronic design automation company that leverages Neat and Zoom to create a consistent, equitable employee experience across its entire global organization.

Synopsys uses a Neat Bar or Neat Bar Pro with a Neat Pad as a controller and a Neat Pad outside the room as a scheduler. The company manages its entire Neat deployment via Neat Pulse.

In today’s era of pervasive intelligence, Synopsys delivers trusted and comprehensive silicon to systems design solutions, focusing on empowering technology innovators everywhere. Synopsys has over 19,000 employees and 120 offices worldwide. It offers a hybrid work environment that brings teams together in the office and supports regular remote workdays for a healthier work-life balance. 

Delivering complete meeting equity for people 

When Synopsys began using Zoom for video conferencing, it became clear that there was a wide technological disparity and a lack of meeting equity. Synopsys’ company culture is embodied in its ONE Synopsys approach, which reinforces trust and empowers people to be their best selves. The company realized that to fully support that approach, it needed to redefine its experience to unite everyone equally.

With the shift to Zoom, Synopsys became more of a “video-on” organization. Employees wanted to enjoy the same experience regardless of whether in the office or working remotely. Synopsys’ previous meeting space technology reserved the optimal experience for in-room participants, to the detriment of those attending remotely, who had to accept a mediocre experience at best. Synopsys found that deploying Neat gave it a solution that brings people together wherever they are so everyone can see, hear, and collaborate equally.

Neat Symmetry is a game-changer for Synopsys. Meeting equity for all participants was one of the key things we were trying to solve. Neat Symmetry with its auto-framing capabilities gives us the inclusive experience that embodies the ‘one Synopsys’ approach we try to focus on.

Rachel Beach, IT Manager, Synopsys
Neat Symmetry has been a game-changer for Synopsys, offering their global teams meeting equity.

Video tech that “just works”

Synopsys has standardized globally on Neat and Zoom so that employees have the same easy-to-use solution wherever they go. When deciding on their technology partners, Synopsys received candid feedback from their user groups, sharing their must-haves for collaboration. Key criteria were a familiar user interface and easy-to-join meetings. Zoom and Neat checked all the boxes for Synopsys. Today, Synopsys employees can walk into a conference room anywhere worldwide and know exactly what to expect and how to interact with the equipment.  

Neat has brought the ability to bring people together and make it feel like they’re all collaborating, no matter where they are. The technology is just seamless. Neat has given users the confidence to start using it right away. 

Hilde Rodriquez, IT Manager, Synopsys

Our Global Zoom Room standard empowered every employee to walk into any Synopsys office, in any region, and immediately connect.

 Sriram Sitaraman, IT SVP and Chief Information Officer, Synopsys

The IT team at Synopsys was pleasantly surprised at how easily people learned to use its Neat devices. Most rooms have either a Neat Bar Pro or Neat Bar with Neat Pad as a controller, plus a Neat Pad outside the room as a scheduler.

While a typical technology deployment like this could take a long time and require immense user documentation, Synopsys typically found that minimal documentation and support were required. The team created signage in the room and ran short videos that gave a quick overview of how to get started. That proved enough for users to be off and running with meetings and collaboration.  

Neat devices are easy to use, easy to deploy. They just work. And our users didn’t need a lot of training to engage with the devices, which speaks to the simplicity of the solution. 

Rachel Beach, IT Manager, Synopsys
Neat Pulse enables Synopsys to easily manage and monitor its entire Neat deployment.

Single, consolidated platform to manage devices

Synopsys uses Neat Pulse to manage its global deployment. Having a single, consolidated platform to monitor device health, manage updates and configure and adjust device settings gives the Synopsys IT team peace of mind. It helps them be more efficient and makes delivering a seamless, positive experience for their fellow employees easier.

Neat and Zoom have helped reduce Synopsys’ overall number of support requests, and Neat Pulse and the Zoom Admin Center make it easy for the team to maintain their devices and see their environment with just a few clicks. Neat devices have also proven extremely easy to install, set up and scale across multiple office locations. Most importantly, they’re reliable.  

At Synopsys, with our workforce distributed globally, ensuring our IT teams are empowered with the proper tools to support the environment is critical. Neat Pulse offers us a unified platform where we can monitor and manage all our equipment quickly and easily. 

Rachel Beach, Manager, Synopsys 

Working with the Neat team has been a breeze for Synopsys. Tight teamwork and alignment with the company’s goals for an inclusive experience delivering on their ONE Synopsys approach have set Synopsys up for global success with their collaboration solutions. Together, we’ll keep looking at ways to enable Synopsys to leverage new innovations to continue igniting tomorrow’s ingenuity.  

Neat has enabled Synopsys to elevate our digital experience. Meetings flow better because the technology doesn’t get in the way of making progress on our objectives.” 

Hilde Rodriquez, IT Manager, Synopsys

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