Device-ive Days

Martijn Blokland, Apr 23, 2020

How prepared are you for your teams returning to your company offices? 

We are living in extraordinary times. Most of us around the globe are currently working from home, so the way we interact with people, both in our private and business lives, has dramatically changed in just a matter of weeks.

As governments begin making plans for easing some of the shelter-in-place restrictions, many of us will need to start thinking about what we’re going to do when we return to our company offices. What’s certain is things won’t be the same. A time will come when we’ll all refer to something as being either BC or AC. Before COVID-19 or after COVID-19. Two eras that, for numerous reasons, stand in marked contrast to each other. 

For a start, perhaps not everyone will head back to their company offices at once. It may be that people return gradually, in stages. If so, many of us will need to continue adapting to working from home. What with international travel restrictions likely for the foreseeable future and people physically interacting with others more cautiously, a higher number of business dealings will no doubt take place virtually.

Zoom’s the word

Whatever the case, life and business are radically changing, and I believe some of it may even be for the best. Particularly in areas directly related to me and my profession. After 18 years in the video communications industry, my family and friends finally understand what it is I do for a living. Instead of them saying, “You do something with webcams, don’t you?”, and me having to go into a lengthy explanation, now, I only have to mention the word Zoom, and people instantly get what I do.

When I see them sharing social messages about the wonders of dialing into conferences and starting presentations, it makes me smile. Whereas before COVID-19, it seemed like only an enlightened few were genuinely aware of the power of video collaboration, millions are now realizing for the first time just how beneficial it can be. Yes, folks. Today, video is everywhere, and I reckon it’s here to stay!

Meeting skyrocketing demand 

As demand skyrockets, all of us in the video communications industry are working 24/7 to ensure we deliver the best possible tools and experiences to people. Neat and Zoom are two of several companies capable of supplying the right types of devices and software globally. This new AC era is our industry’s moment to step up and shine, and to show the world the true capability of video.

For all businesses preparing for teams returning to your company offices, there are various options as to your preferred video provider. Most brands offer unique features, so it’s really up to you. My advice is to start thinking about this now, though. Even consider testing – or have your IT managers test – some of the solutions in preparation for connecting your home users to your company offices and meeting rooms.

In the meantime, stay safe and prepared, because a new global economy is coming, and we’ll both need each other more than ever.