Frequently asked questions

Neat Bar

Neat Bar is perfect for bringing superior-quality audio and video to your huddle, focus and meeting spaces with up to 10 participants.

Neat Bar is optimized for up to 16 feet (5 meters), but no two rooms are ever really alike and there are many nuances to every room environment which is why we recommend you try Neat Bar in your meeting space.

Neat Bar has five built in microphones angled in an end-fire array and three sensor mics, to enable advanced differential beamforming and optimize audio pick up for up to 16 feet (5 meters).

Neat Bar pairs with our Neat Pad controller, which has two built-in microphones as well. When we enable these mics in a future software release, the audio pick up will be further enhanced to support even larger meeting rooms.

Detailed specifications for Neat Bar and Neat Pad can be found online and within our Neat Brochure.

Explore the technology in Neat Bar

Neat Bars are deployed in most Zoom office locations around the world so they can be seen in many Zoom meeting rooms once offices reopen and we all get back to the office.

In the meantime, you can try the Neat Bar risk free in your home workspace and then give it a spin in the meeting room when you head back to the office. That’s because we’ve extended our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for the Neat Bar to 100 Days for a limited time. If you love it, keep it. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll gladly accept your return and credit you for the full amount of your order.

Yes! Neat devices are fully managed from the Zoom Portal. This means you can have complete centralized control over your entire Neat Zoom Rooms video deployment.

Neat Bar’s camera supports 4x digital zoom based on a 4056*3040 (12 MP) capture resolution and 120 degrees horizontal field of view. An upcoming software update will enable auto framing.

Neat Bar pairs with our Neat Pad controller, which has two built-in microphones. When we enable these mics in a future software release, the controller will function as an external table microphone. At this time, you can not add an external microphone to the Neat Bar, but we will evaluate this capability in the future.

Neat Bar has an HDMI in port and supports sharing screen content via an HDMI cable. Content sharing of audio will be enabled in an upcoming release. Additionally, wireless content sharing from devices to Neat Bar is extremely reliable and works every time, eliminating the need for cables and dongles to share.

Neat Bar can be connected to one or two screens.

Just power it up and Neat Bar will auto pair with the Controller. Simply enter activation code or sign in to your Zoom account to select a Zoom Room or create a new Zoom Room.

Neat can use any standard flat panel display with HDMI inputs. In general, thinner displays with standard VESA mounting attachment points are most compatible with our mounting hardware.

Neat Bar ships with wall mount, screen mount and table stand so it’s easy for anyone to install and set-up, above or below one or two screens.

Neat Bar mounting options
Neat mounting guides

Internet test and initial software upgrade use the following ports and addresses:

TCP port 443 (HTTPS) to these addresses:

UDP port 123 (NTP) to this address:

The above ports need to be open to the IP address for both the Neat Bar and Neat Pad.

Neat Bar offers an impressive range of features and we’ll continue to enhance its capabilities with frequent software updates. The following features are planned for upcoming over-the-air updates:

  1. HDMI-in for content sharing of audio (currently any video content shared via HDMI-in will not share the audio as well).
  2. Neat Bar WiFi (currently cabled internet is required for Neat Bar while Neat Pad supports WiFi or ethernet/PoE).
  3. Automatic people framing (currently manual camera control is supported).
  4. Support for Neat Pad microphones to provide extended audio pickup range in larger rooms (Neat Bar is optimized for audio pick up of up to 16 feet/5 meters).
  5. Environmental sensors (sensors are built in, but monitoring and reporting from the Zoom Portal is coming).

Neat Pad

Neat Pad is our Zoom Rooms controller that doubles as a scheduling display for Zoom Rooms. Neat Pad comes included with Neat Bar, but you can choose to add an additional Neat Pad to be used as a scheduling display outside your meeting room. Neat Pad supports PoE and has LED strips on the side to indicate room status.

Yes! The Neat Pad can be connected to a third party Zoom Rooms system to replace the iPad and other off the shelf controllers.

No. Neat Pad has been designed to work specifically with Neat Bar. Together, they provide a Neat Zoom Rooms experience. The use of an iPad or Android tablet with Neat Bar is not supported.

Neat Pad ships with wall mount and side mount so it’s easy for anyone to install and set it up. Use the wall mount to fix Neat Pad to the wall as a controller or scheduling display outside your meeting room. With the side mount you can fix Neat Pad to the side of your door frame (mullions).

Internet test and initial software upgrade use the following ports and addresses:

TCP port 443 (HTTPS) to these addresses:

UDP port 123 (NTP) to this address:

The above ports need to be open to the IP address for both the Neat Bar and Neat Pad.

Payment, order and delivery

Neat accepts all major credit cards and bank transfers. Customers who are placing frequent orders or large transactions can apply for credit with Neat here.

In most cases, credit cards decline because the billing address and/or billing zip code does not match where statements are sent. Please verify the billing address listed on the order before submitting the order for approval.

There is a short window to stop orders already placed from shipping! Contact us on and we will do our best to assist you.

Any in-stock order with Ground shipping placed on website by 2pm Eastern Standard time will ship the same business day. Orders placed after 2pm EST ship the next business day. USA / domestic orders placed with a Next Day Air shipping method will be shipped the same-day up to 10pm EST.

Neat ships via UPS and offers UPS Ground, UPS 2-Day, UPS Overnight, and UPS Worldwide Saver and UPS Worldwide Expedited shipping options.

Currently we do not offer 3rd party freight billing.

Neat devices ship from our UPS global distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville was strategically chosen as 64% of the US population can be reached within 2 days via UPS Ground. If you have an urgent order, you can reach our team anytime at

Our shipping term on international shipments is FCA Louisville, Kentucky.

All Neat orders originate in our UPS facility in Louisville, KY. UPS acts as our shipping agent and will prepare the shipment, commercial invoice, and all other export paperwork which will be filed in advance and will follow the shipment to its final destination. The customer (you) will be named as the importer of record for the shipment. The broker for the shipment will be UPS.

When the shipment arrives at its destination country, UPS will clear the shipment and bill all appropriate customs and duties taxes directly to the customer and deliver the product to its final destination. It is imperative that the correct contact name and phone number is listed on the shipping address in your shopping cart to ensure a smooth delivery once the shipment arrives in country.

If you have questions on the international shipping process, please contact our team at

Yes. To ship to multiple addresses simply create an account, then place items in your cart, begin the checkout process, and when you get to the ‘Shipping’ section, select the option that says ‘Ship to multiple addresses.’

You will then be prompted to assign ship to locations for each item in your cart.

All new products must pass rigorous safety and power tests which differ greatly by country. Neat is working diligently to add additional countries to the list and you can be notified when we are available in your country by signing up for our notification of shipment to your country here.

Neat is currently safety certified & homologated for these countries:

  • United States
  • EU countries
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Australia + New Zealand
  • Singapore

Support, warranty & returns

All Neat devices are fully supported by Zoom’s incredible support team. To see your chat, online submission, or local Zoom support number, click here.

Neat Bar and Neat Pad are sold with a 1-year warranty included. We also offer additional 1 or 2 year extended warranties at the time of purchase. Extended warranty prices are listed on

View our complete warranty statement here.

For a limited time, Neat has extended our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee to 100 days. This enables you to try the Neat Bar risk free for 3 months. This means you can try the Neat Bar now in your home workspace, and then give it a spin in the meeting room when you head back to the office. If you love it, keep it. If it’s not the right fit, we’ll gladly accept your return and credit you for the full amount of your order, including shipping upon receipt of the returned unit at our warehouse. For more information on Neat’s purchasing or return policies, email

The April 19th software update for the Neat Bar added new features and enhancements including:

Zoom Rooms:

  • Fix for media not starting properly on Neat Bar. Zoom has indicated that Zoom Rooms software fix may solve the freezing / no media issue that some customers have reported when joining Zoom meetings, or in the middle of calls. Please test this if you have seen this issue and report back to us whether you see improvement here or not.
  • Security fixes for the Android Zoom Room application.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

Full release notes for the Zoom Room application and Zoom Room controller application can be found here (Controller version 4.6.6 and Zoom Rooms version 4.6.4): (Current Version)

Neat Bar & Pad software

Neat Audio Processing (NAP) - We have enabled hardware-based audio processing in the Neat Bar which provides:

  • Removal of the ‘cross-talk’ / ‘double-talk’ issue - this is an issue where a person speaking in a Zoom Room has their voice garbled or muted by other conference participants talking over them, or by background noise at other locations. This change provides significant user experience improvements, making conversations more natural.

To experience Neat Audio Processing, go into Settings (small gear icon) on the Neat Pad -- Click on Microphone -- Under Advanced, disable Software Audio Processing.

We are continuously making improvements to Neat Audio Processing, including increasing the volume of the Neat Bar improving microphone sensitivity and performance, and activating the microphones built into the Neat Pad. These improvements will be pushed in upcoming software updates.

Updated Out of Box Setup Wizard

We have redesigned the initial setup process on the Neat Bar and Neat Pad to include a new look and feel. We’ve also added support for additional languages, including Japanese, French and German.

Neat Pad as a stand-alone controller

The Neat Pad can now be used as a controller for third-party Zoom Room systems.

Enabled HDMI Input

With this update, it is now possible to share a device via direct HDMI connection into the Neat Bar. This is a v1 implementation of this feature - there may be certain devices or scenarios that present issues. If you test HDMI input, please send any feedback or issues you have to us for review.

System Settings Improvements

This update allows you to change the time / time zone and language of the system in the system settings (for both the Neat Pad and Neat Bar). It is no longer necessary to perform a factory reset to change these settings. (note - allow for 1 to 2 minutes for changes to populate to the Neat Bar)

Camera Adjustments

The camera refresh frequency can now be adjusted (in System settings) to account for regional differences in AC power frequency (60Hz / 50Hz). Changing the setting may help mitigate a ‘banding’ or ‘flickering’ effect seen in the video image. (note - this applies mostly to countries outside the USA)

Default NTP Server Address

The default NTP server used by the system is ( This can be changed to the NTP service of your choosing during setup.

The version numbers for this update are (for Neat firmware and Zoom Room application):

Neat Pad firmware: NFA1.20200418.0030
Neat Bar firmware: NFB1.20200418.0036
Zoom Rooms Version: 4.6.4
Zoom Controller Version: 4.6.6

Zoom Rooms Version / Controller Version: Click on the Settings button on the lower left corner of the Neat Pad. Then click on ‘About’. The Zoom software version numbers will be displayed on the right.

Neat Bar / Pad Firmware Versions: Click on the Settings button on the lower left corner of the Neat Pad. Then click on the item called ‘Room’ (that also displays the room’s name). On the right, click on ‘System Settings’. You will then be prompted to enter the meeting PIN / passcode (this passcode is listed with the room settings in the Zoom Room admin portal).

Under ‘Neat Device Settings’, select System. The serial numbers and firmware version numbers for each device will be displayed.